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name for the shell in echinoderms
current loving crinoids are 'blank'
current avoiding crinoids are 'blank'
name for the 'cup' of the crinoid
types of plates in the cup
most basal marine diapsid reptile group
most basal marine reptiles within sauropterygia
period in which the above lived
two divisions of the eusauropterygia
two subdivisions of the above
other marine reptile group nested in the lepidosaurs
only marine reetile group nested in the archosaurs
3 subdivisions of the ornithischia
2 subdivisions of the saurischia
what opened, causing Antarctic glaciation
shift in horse teeth from brachydont to 'blank'
softer, worn layer of a horse tooth
silica particles within plants
what type pf plants are the above more abundant in
starting date of the ice age in Ma
ending date of the ice age in years

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