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What may LUCA have been
What group have been used to date the GOE
Study suggesting Archaean origin of the above
What feature did such organisms acquire during the GOE
Study proposing Late Archaean FECA
Age of LECA according to the above
Study showing 3.7 Ga stromatolites
Oldest forms of metabolism
Types of derived organelle
Study showing 3D Ediacaran preservation
Radical ecological interpretation of Ediacarans
What do phylogenies seek to do
What may decay cause in a fossil
What occur in 713 Ma rocks
Study showing the above
Study critiquing the above
Unique Cambrian annelids
Study showing the above
What product faciltiated escape from hydothermal vents
Compound equivalent to acetyl CoA
Thermodynamic trick used by bacteria
Groups which use the above
Relative energy availability between prokaryotes and eukaryotes
What genetic trait do bacteria show
What are introns structurally similar to
What separated transcription and translation due to rate difference
What do mitochondria increase
What counters the above

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