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Evolutionary Ecology Revision Quiz II?

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One genomic technique
What can it track
Shortcoming of the method
Oldest genomic technique
Benefit of the above
What does it require
What weakens its power
Another genomic technique
What does it work well for
What is it limited by
A modern genomic technique
What does it require
Benefit of the above
Cutting edge technique
Drawback of the above
What is it excellent for
Alternative molecular methods
Next generation technique
What is it reliant on
Two human groups
Genetic differences between the two
Author of the above
Historical study of human genetic variation
What did they focus on
How many loci with strong selection were found
What were these related to
Rapid selection
Gradual selection
Additive fitness from genes
Favouring of hybrid traits
Evolutionary analysis using genomes
What did this show in Darwinis finches
What gene in particular was under selection
What does this mediate
Author of the above
Species with transmissible cancer
What were examined
Hard sweeps were found for what genes
Author of the above
What caused speckled moth melanism
Where did the above insert itself
What does the above mediate
Author of the above
Pond skater species
What permitted a jump from fitness peaks
What did this do to the phenotype
What environment did this allow them to occupy
Author of the above
Bird species with Holland and Oxford populations
What differences do they show
What caused this difference
What other difference is seen
Author of the above
A driver of adaptive evolution
A species it has affected
What has it caused in its genes
What effect have humans had on multiple species
Author of the above
Tropical snail species
What migration has the above done
Amount of genetic variation linked to shell morph
Characteristics of hybrid offspring
What does the above indicate
What did the above promote during migration
Author of the above
Blueberry fly
Hybrid of the above
What does it inhabit
What is the above species
Author of the above
Invasive American species
What does it cause in its ecosystem
What other species exists in the Enos lake
Species of the above
What did altered waters cause
Author of the above
Fish species in Swiss lakes
Measure of functional diversity
What has occurred in the above
What has caused the above
What has driven the above
What was found to correlate
Author of the above
European bird species with multiple populations
What shows divergences between populations
What does this indicate
What is this consistent with
Author of the above
Direction of eye development in vertebrates
Direction of eye development in vertebrates
What does this produce in the former
What does this demonstrate
What may cause opsin loss
Name for the above
Group exemplifying this
What characteristics do some skinks show
What does this allow them to control
What does this have implications for
Author of the above
What factors promote diversity in diverse cichlid species
What consistently correlates with their diversity
Author of the above
What causes diversification to slow down
How does the last factor work
Author of the above
What may diverging species show
Stages in the above
Requirements of the above
Author of the above
What creates ecological opportunity
What do these factors do
What may occur in isolated environments due to a lack of interspecific competition
Author of the above
Two dinosaur groups
What shows niche partitioning
What type of partitioning
Author of the above
What may affect sound transmission
Two types of Amazonian forest
What did song divergence in song birds correlate with
Author of the above
What does disruptive slection favour
What did these ornaments reflect
What does this demonstrate
Causes repeated evolution
Author of the above
Factors affecting distribution of visible mutations
How do the above actually affect phenotypes
Author of the above
What can confound genetic approaches to selection
Mechanisms permitting the above
Author of the above
What drives populations apart
What does the above favour
What produces the above
What is induced as such

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