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Method to resolve cladistic trees
Methods to resolve molecular trees
Method to resolve supertrees
Name for a dated phylogeny
What calibrates the above
What does the above provide
What might dating discrepanices arise from
Uncertainties in designating a calibration fossil
Circumstantial evidence for calibration
Author of the above
What are useful for clarifying this evidence
Author of the above
Bayesian clock methods provide what
What aspect of calibrations fits well with the above
What is the above caused by
Author of the above
Study showing no origin-diversiication fuse in mammals
Simplest way of measuring diversity
Author of the above
What invalidates this method
Author of the above
Better method of estimation
Form of the above
What sampling choice alters the form
Author of the above
Types of diversity
Two components of heterogeneity
Natural determinants of diversity
What is a practical concern in conservation
What does the above identify
Current rate of species loss
Author of the above
One model of diversification
What does the above predict
Another model of diversification
What does the above produce
Final model
Name for the classic palaeodiversity curve
Author of the above
Who proposed the above was incorrect
What was the proposed replacement
Three phases of the above
Acceptance of the former model produced what
Aspects of the above
What supports an equilibrium assumption
Author of the above
Who showed no evidence for a global carrying capacity
What process is equivalent to expansion
Who showed that the post-Palaeozoic record may be exponential
How much does pull of the recent add to tetrapod diversity
Author of the above
Two Mesozoic expansions of life
Author of the above
What does the Cretaceous fossil and molecular records show
Author of the above
Study of teleost radiation
Crucially, what is not seen in their record
What does this indicate
Filters in the fossil record
Humans find fossils
Author of the above
Rich fossils attract study
Author of the above
Sampling drives diversity
Author of the above
External factors drive rock and fossil records
Author of the above
Sampling and diversity drive each other
Author of the above
What tests directionality of correlation
What is seen for most sampling proxies
Author showing the above
Taxa inferred from stratigraphic ranges
Taxa inferred from phylogenetics
What gives a confidence interval on FADS and LADS
Author of the above
Method to equal sample sizes
What is the above method biased against
Better solution
Author of the above
Indicators of impact events
Cascade leading to the PT extinction part 1
Cascade leading to the PT extinction part 2
Key factors of the extinction
Three models of recovery
Author of the above
Rapidly expanding post extinction species
Three aspects of recovery
Aspects of recovery are decoupled for what Triassic clade
Author of the above
What drove changes in subclades
Author of the above
What do new clades show
What does the above allow them to exploit
Three rates of evolution
What best described clade evolution
What identifes proportion of extant taxa in past
What does this give
What affects the above
What is special about the tuatara's disparity
Author of above
What may produce a living fossil
What must a trend not be misidentified as
What must a trend also not be mistaken for
Author of the above
Causes of trends
Forms of the above
What emphasises anageneis for speciation
What emphases cladogenesis for speciation
Authors of the above
Why is the allopatry seldom recorded
What produces sudden appearence of descendant alongside ancestor
What contributes to stasis (i.e. stymies adaptation)
Earliest study of punctuated equilibrium
Test species of the above
What was found to correspond to lake level change
What major issue was found in the study
Author of the above
Species showing phyletic gradualism
Author of the above
Species showing punctuated equilibrium
Author of the above
Study looking at gradual directional evolution
Modes of evolution tested in the abvove
What was analysed
Percentages of the models (same order)
What does punctuated equilibrium predict
Study testing the above
Study countering the above
Why was this so
Landmark-derived disparity
Character-derived disparity
Aspects of disparity
Paper on ichthyosayur disparity
What is morphospace not equivalent to
Method to correct for this
Author of the above
When two distantly related species resemble each other by chance
What is species levle data in statistical terms
Method to test for independent evolution of traits
What does the above use
What does the above test
Models of evolution used in the above
What determines speciation dynamis
Three types of the above
Author of the above
Number of exceptional tetrapod radiations
Other characteristic of tetrapods
Author of the above
How many years of functional preadaptation do birds show
Number of deep avian apomorphies
Author of the aboe
What trend do early birds show for 50 Ma
Author of the above
Early burst is seen for what ornithopod characters
Author of the above
Aspects of progress
Types of lineage replacement
What does each of Sepkoski's three faunas improve upon
What may this be an artefact of
Who proposed dinosaur competitiveness
Whow showed no dinosaur-crurotarsan morphospace overlap
What drove herbivore extinction
Author of the above
Which invertebrate lineage recovered faster compared to brachiopods
Author of the above
What percentages of families show possible competition
Author of the above
What is the equilibrium view
Author of the above
What is the expansion view
Author of the above
Author of spandrels
Constraints on evolution
Author of Red Queen
What was the problem with the above study
Author of the above
Correction shows which taxa are more extinction prone
Study showing that several Red Queen assumptions are unjustified
How many species fit a Red Queen model of origin
What is the nature of their origination
Author of the above
Abiotic counter to the Red Queen
What may cause apparent large scale Red Queen effects
Models of tetrapod diversity increases
What does temperature correlate with
Author of the above
Study of mammal diversity
Findings of the above

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