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organism systematically harvested by another
growth under human interference
organism brought into the household
ploidy of wild wheat ancestor
ploidy of emmer wheat
ploidy of modern wheat
amount of variation in a gene pool
loss of variation in a gene pool
DNA on a chromosome linked to a phenotype gene
reduction in gene pool diversity due to strong positive selection
what phylum is primitively biramous
what are the two limb branches
what is the term for division of the body into sections
body cavity for blood in arthropods
name for blood equivalent in arthropods
name for the shedding of the exoskeleton
two subdivisions of ecdysozoa
alternative name for the arthropod-containing group of the above
4 subdivisions of the above
2 subdivisions of the mandibulates
group name for the centipedes
what structure, derived from limbs, is found in the above group
group name for the millipedes
name for the fused segments in the above group
structure between the head and first segment in millipedes
name for the defensive glands in millipedes
5 subdivisions of the crustaceans
what is found on the eighth segment in male malacostracans and the fifth in females
2 subdivisions of the chelicerates
2 subdivisions of the non sea-spider clade above
2 chelicerate tagmata
joining structure between the above two structures in arachnids
plesiomorphic position of fangs in arachnids
2 compounds in the inner layer of insect exoskeletons
waxy, waterproof compound in the outer layer
muscle attachment points of the exoskeleton
primary insect apomorphy
group name for dragonflies
group name for beetles
name for the modified forewings in the above group
purpose of the above structure
group name for flies
name for the modified hindwings in the above group
purpose of the above structure
direct egg to adult life history
egg to nymph to adult life history
egg to larva to pupa to adult life history
process involved in the above life history
name for gills in molluscs
name for the feeding organ in molluscs
proteinaceous structure which supports the above
crystalline structure through which the gut passes
purpose of the above structure
sclerite-bearing mollusc subdivision
shell-bearing mollusc subdivision
2 subdivisions of the sclerite-bearing group
2 subdivisions of the above group with two gills
5 subdivisions of the shell-bearing group
4 subdivisions of the gastropods
name for the land snail group
name for the sea slug group
rudimentary gill type
suspension feeding gill type
carnivorous gill type
3 subdivisions of the cephalopoda
5 subdivisions of the echinoderms
name for the shell of echinoderms
calcareous plates making up the above
intake point of the water vascular system
sucker tipped tube feet
defense structures on shell surface
4 groups of lophophorates
2 groups of chordates
2 groups of the higher chordate subdivision
4 chordate apomorphies
what structure is enlarged in cephalochordates
3 groups of craniates
thyroid analogue in lampreys
2 divisions of the gnathostomes
2 groups of cartilaginous fish
scale type in both groups
components of the above
dynamic lift generated by 'blank'
static lift generated by 'blank'
where is the above stored
reflective layer in shark eyes
electrosensory system
receptive organs in the above
reproductive mode in all rays, some sharks
reproductive mode in most skates, some sharks
reproductive mode in most sharks
2 divisions of the teleostomes
2 divisions of the bony fish
2 divisions of the actinopterygians
2 divisions of the non primitive group above
secondary loss of what features in the primtitive group
scale type in the primitive group
components of the above
what scale type is the above ancestral to
what group are the above scales found in
what component does this scale type lack
scale types found in neopterygians
component of the above scale types
component of waterproof layer of swimbladders
swimbladders filled by a pneumatic duct
swimbladders lacking a pneumetic duct
ossicles used with the swimbladder as a hydrophone
white muscle above the backbone
white muscle below the backbone
5 flexure types in decreasing order of flexibilty
name for fin rays with webs of tissue
state of the maxilla and premaxilla in teleosts
purpose of the above state
secondary jaws derived from gill arches
three elements of gills
mass spawning, no parental care
low spawn number, guarded by adult
male to female sex change
female to male sex change
need for foreign sperm to trigger embryogenesis
reproduction multiple times in the lifecycle
single 'big bang' reproduction
migration from freshwater to sea to breed
migration from sea to freshwater to breed
lifecycle entirely in freshwater
lifecycle entirely in sea
name for lungfish dormancy
3 clades of amphibians
3 subdivisions of the extant amphibian clade
optimum temperature for amphibian metabolism
colour used to blend in
colour used to break up outline
colour to delay/prevent predator capture instinct
colour used to warm of defenses
3 clades of amniotes
2 groups of anapsids
chelonians whose necks fold in an S shape
chelonians whose necks fold as a sideways S
3 clades of diapsids
2 extant clades of lepidosaurs
2 subdivisions of squamates
2 clades of archosaurs
3 groups of crocodylians
4 modes of movement in snakes
infrared sensitive organs in snakes
organ used in conjunction with forked tongue
name for tail dropping

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