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Climates and Ecosystems Revision Quiz II?

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What occurred at the Panamanian isthmus at 6 Ma
What shows earlier closure
When does this show closure
Author of the above
What did shallowing of the seaway cause
What did the above perpetuate
What did this cause
Author of the above
How many pulses of vertebrate interchange were there
What did pulse 1 correspond to
How did these pulses trend
Author of the above
Loss of what make age control difficult
Molecular phylogenetic metaanalyiss shows dispersals at which dates
Author of the above
Inclusion of what group removes the older date
Author of the above
What was another fault in the metaanalysis
Author of the above
Pliocene ppmCO2
When did glaciation start
What shows this
Author of the above
What can be used to date ice-rafted debris
When did ice reach middle latitude North America
What collapsed due to glaciation
What does this indicate
What this this allo
What does plankton d18O show
What do alkenones show
What caused the latter
What does seasonality cause
What does the above cause
Climate system from 2.7 to mid Pleistocene
What process must be smaller than snow accumulation
When the above is equal to accumulation
Where is this equilibrium stable
Why may precession not show in a climate pattern
Of what?
Author of the above
What is the alternative
Author of the above
Climate system after the mid Pleistocene
What accentuates the eccentricity signal
What effect does this create, reducing melting
Additional accentuating effects
Author of the above
What does the pollen record show
What does this indicate
Author of the above
What is in phase with precession
Author of the above
What drove coral diversity during the Quaternary
What did corals survive in
Author of the above
What correlates with aridity
What did the above drive
Author of the above
What increases with aridity
When occurs in wetter times
Author of the above
What occurs at the transition between climate systems
What occurs at the same time as the above
When did these turnovers occur
Author of the above
What occurred at the same time
What do climatological phases in New Guinea correspond to
Author of the above
What shows aridity in Central America
What do arid phases correspond with
Author of the above
Proxy from African rift lakes
What do these show
What does the above correlate with
Author of the above
Issues with the sedimentary record to define the Anthropocene
Author of the above
What does archive stacking improve
Author of the above
Early Anthropocene start
What show covariance
When do major deviations in covariance occur
What caused the latter
Author of the above
When was the Caribbean settled
What industry began 6 ka
What industry began 2.5 ka
Author of the above
What did these industries alter
Author of the above
What increased methane emissions
Author of the above
What does the European pollen record show
Author of the above
Product of carbohydrate pyrolysis
What indicates cutting and burning of forests
Author of the above
Model of human CO2 emissions
What does the above take into account
Uncertainties in the model
What is seen due to anthropogenic emissions
What is key in the above
Author of the above
Aspects of a model
Advantages of modelling
CO2 increase if export production ceased
Simple model of export
What is the above based on
What does the above represent
Model accounting for plankton type
What does it account for
Author of the above
Model based on competition
What does the model begin with
What benefits cocolithophores
Where does this benefit them
What does it help promote
Author of the above
IPCC working groups
What does each use
What does the above permit
What does climate change affect
Major concerns of the future
Oxygen proxy
What does it record
Carbon proxy
Temperature proxy
Carbonate proxy
What does it record
Boron proxy
What does it record
Circulation proxy
Silicon proxy
What does it record
What organisms affect the above

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