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Heat acquire by the Earth from space
Determinants of the above
Three Milankovitch cycles
What process keeps climate stable
What process destabilises climate
What is an ecological niche
What determines the realised niche
Immediate biological responses to climate change
Long term biological responses to climate
Biological aspects sensitive to climate
Author of the above
System to define biomes
Elements of the above
What is a key assumption when reconstructing ecosystems
What aspects of climate do ecosystems affect
Average weather over time
What caused the 2001 -2014 climate change hiatus
Observational records of climate
What phenomenal do the latter two above use
Two other climate records
What ripening crop records temperature anomalies
Author of the above
What records sea ice extent
Proxy used for all timescales
Grain types in the above
What can this proxy record
Proxy used for the last 2 Ma
What may the above fail to preserve
What unique record do they trap
Proxy used on very short timescales
Proxy formed in caves
Advantages of the above
What may the above fail to preserve
Other dating proxy methods
Short term form of radiometric dating
What produces the above
Time taken for 14C to be uptaken from water
What does the above increase with
Major determinant of long term climate
Reservoirs in the above
Control on SOC-atmosphere-ocean exchange
Control on carbonate-atmosphere-ocean exchange
Oldest model of climate control
Controls in the above
Key mechanism in the model
Newer model of climate control
What enhances weathering in the above
What does subsequent CO2 draw down cause
What does this cause
What does this increase
Key mechanism in this model
What do both model rely on
What may decouple the above
What does the latter enhance
Modern model of climate control
Additional factors in the above
Weathering proxy
What does a high ratio indicate
What does a low ratio indicate
Carbon cycling proxy
What pairs of phenomena affect the above
Caveats of the proxy
Author of the above
Main type of productivity
Controls on the above
Second type of productivity
Controls on the above
Together what elements do they form
What identifies a limiting nutrient
What affects the above
Limiting on short timescale
Limiting on long timescale
Author of the above
What do measurements fail to account for
Major source of phosphorus
What affects their availability
Basinal phase associated with high availability
Author of the above
What affects atmospheric CO2
Author of the above
What quantifies the balance between the two
Author of the above
Calibrations used in the method
Author of the above
What proxies do such methods correlate with
Positive feedback resulting from higher O2
Temperature curve for Cenozoic
Isotopes used in the above
When do hyperthermals occur
When is there a significant temperature drop
What correlates with onset of cooling at 55 Ma
Author of the above
What may bias apparent increasing sedimentation
Proxy for sedimentation
Author of the above
What may affect the utility of the Sr isotope proxy
Another proxy for weathering
What is the latter derived from
What affects the above
What affects the above
Author of the above
Lithium proxy
How does this proxy work
Affect of uplift on CS coupling
What balances the above
Author of the above
An independant CS record
Where is the above found
Author of the above
What does this record show
What drove the above
What affects the marine fossil record
What does dissolution affect
Author of above
What is the record sensitive to
Author of the above
Accounting for the above, what does the ratio record
What other proxies for dissolution are there
What can these be correlated with
What ratio does the above record
What is linked to depth
Name of the above
Other indicators of palaeoenvironments
What alters sea levels on short timescales
What does this affect
Author of the above
What records are highly climate and sea level sensitive
Author of the above
Species showing laminar growth
What makes them resistant to stress
Author of the above
Biases against terrestrial ecosystem preservation
Exceptional terrestrial archive
Useful terrestrial biomarker
What do they record
Author of the above
How are they additionally useful
Author of the above
What does aridity affect in leaf waxes
What dry period does the above record
Author of the above
What compounds may be difficult to distinguish from marine sources
Ethiopian karst deposit
What does the above contain
What switch does this record
When did this occur
Highly climate sensitive peat bogs
Locally useful climate archive
What may the above contain
Author of the above
Bird-based climate archive
What does the above contain
What do they record as such
Author of the above`
What shows late Eocene Antarctic glaciation
Author of the above
Paper showing late Eocene temperature drop
What did the large d18O shift require
Author of the above
Paper showing Northern hemisphere quartz also
What does the MgCa record require to show the trend
Author of the above
Membrane lipid ratio proxy
pH proxy
What is the above itself a proxy for
What does this proxy occur in
Paper showing EO boundary drop
What is critical to allow glaciation to occur
Author of the above
What triggered the glaciation
What evidences basin water exchange
Author of the above
What records decreased pCO2
Four hypotheses for the above
What coevolved during the Cenozoic
What did this increase
What did this cause
Author of the above
What also caused silica spiking
What did the above mix
Author of the above
What decreases at low latitude due to competition
Author of the above

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