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Types of non-coding RNA
Roles of non-coding RNA
Analysis of what reveals their existence
Roles of miRNA
Roles of small RNA
Roles of medium to large RNA
Initial stage of miRNA formation
What synthesises the above
What is the next step
What forms the above
Where is it exported to
What cleaves it
Wht does the active miRNA bind to
Plant example of the above
Possible effects of the above
What characterises promotor level control
What characterises miRNA control
By how much does miRNA reduce protein production in mammal cells
3 important transcription factors miRNA acts on
In what group are miRNA less diverse
Leading part of a migrating cell
Sensory structures on the above
What drags the rest of the cell behind
What activates formation of the migratory structure
What activates the above receptor
Where do germ cells form
Where do they migrate
What forms the chemotaxic gradient
What allows neurulation
What do the filopodia to to seal the gap
What may occur in network-based organs
What specifies the type of branching
What is specified
What is the initial stage of fly trachaea formation
How do these form
How many cells are in it
What is the receptor required for all forms of branching
How many genes overall are needed to form fly trachaea
What forms the scab
What activates fibroblasts
How do the fibroblasts migrate
What do they facilitate
What controls sideways movement
What helps loosen the epithelium to allow migration
Genes in the fibroblasts activate to protect against what
Process of vascular tissue and collagen repair
What activates the above
What is a side effect of this
What can the above cause

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