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Highest Average Price of 20 Cigarettes
There are 5 physicians per 100,000 persons here. 
The life expectancy of this country is only 56 
This country was once a pirate hideout. 
63% of this countries people are Christian. 
This is one of 48 Landlocked countries. 
Deaths by AIDS in 2007
This country has three capital cities. 
This is the 32nd largest country by area. 
Victoria Falls is found in this country. 
Home of Kibera, the 3rd largest slum worldwide. 
The time zone of this country is EAT (UTC+3) 
Most Populated
Naira is the currency of this country. 
Home of the oldest and most intact Wonder of the World. 
It is thought that the first humans came from here. 
There are 11 official recognised languages in this country. 
Highest Incidence of Breast Cancer (Per 100k)
A region of overseas France and given above. 
MUT (UTC+4) is the time zone for this country. 
The currency of this country is Rand (R). 
Lagos is the largest city from this country. 
This is one of ten countries that the Nile runs through. 
Heaviest Land Mammals
This animal has larger ears than it's Asian cousin. 
Also known as the Square-lipped... (Be Specific) 
This animal is known for having a resemblance to a pig (Oink). 
This animals neck can grow up to 6ft 7in. 
Also known as the Hooked-lipped... (Be Specific) 
Lowest HDI 2011
The Katanga Cross is an obsolete form of currency from here. 
The literacy rate of here is very low: 29%. 
This country has only one airport with a paved runway. 
99.66% of this countries people are of African ethnicity. 
Only 3% of this countries people are Atheist. 

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