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An underground bed of saturated soil or rock that yields significant quantities of water that may be pumped to the surface for use by people, livestock or watering crops
Another term for 'watershed'
An area of soft, water-saturated ground with a spongy, acidic substrate composed mostly of sphagnum moss and peat, and in which water-tolerant shrubs, herbs and trees usually grow
Another term for border
An informal term for 'tributary'
An area that catches water
The process by which a vapor becomes a liquid; the opposite of evaporation
The place where two or more rivers meet
Another term for 'stream'
A flat plain of sediment deposited at the mouth of a river
Another term for ridge
Toward the end of or lowest part of a stream; with the current.
A community of living organisms and their interrelated physical and chemical environment; also, a land area within a climate
The conversion of a liquid (e.g. water) into a vapor (a gaseous state) usually through applying heat energy; the opposite of condensation
Any normally dry land area that is susceptible to being inundated by water from any natural source; flat area alongside many rivers, streams and lakes
Water found in spaces between soil particles underground (located in the zone of saturation)
The source of a stream
A landscape often formed on limestone rock where water under ground has created openings for a drainage system. Indicated by: cave openings, sinkholes, seasonal springs or streams
A considerable body of standing inland water
An embankment or raised area that pevents water from moving from one place to another
The main watercourse of a river in a drainage system
Type of wetland
End of the river, where it flows into an ocean or sea
Type of wetland
Water falling, in a liquid or a solid state, from the atmosphere (e.g. rain, snow)
An artificial, or manmade, lake or body of standing water
Point of higher ground that separates two adjacent streams or watersheds; also know as a divide.
Land areas directly influenced by a body of water; usually have visible vegetation or other features showing this water influence. Stream banks, lake borders, and marshes are this
Low coastal grassland frequently inundated by the tide
A place where ground water naturally meets and emerges from the surface of the land
Any body of running water moving under gravity's influence through clearly defined natural channels to progressively lower levels
A basin contained within a basin or watershed
Type of wetland
A stream that contributes its water to another stream or body of water
Toward the source or upper part of a stream; against the current
Also called a basin or drainage; an area drained by a river to a common outlet.
Land that captures, stores and slows the movement of water. Includes swamps, salt marshes, and bogs

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