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HintFilmYear Released
Utopian city with a bleak underworld1927
Mad scientist creates monster out of body parts1931
Scientist turns himself invisible1933
Rocket scientists go to the Moon1950
Extra-terrestrial loose on an Arctic base1951
Alien terrorises small Scottish town1951
New planet will destroy and replace Earth1951
Alien warns humanity about threatening other worlds1951
Alien invasion starts in California1953
Gorilla-like alien hunts Earth's last survivors1953
Giant ants attack1954
Giant dinosaur attacks Tokyo1954
Aliens want Earth's scientists to help their war1955
Flying saucers attack1956
Starship crew investigate small colony1956
Aliens replace human population1956
Gooey creature attacks town1958
Teleportation experiment gone wrong1958
Aliens resurrect the dead1959
Monsters on Mars1959
Giant moth attacks Tokyo1961
Martians kidnap Santa1964
Computer tries to stop Jupiter mission1968
Astronauts on planet ruled by apes1968
Man with code for name rebels against system1971
Violent delinquent gets experimental therapy1971
Food is people1973
Trouble at Wild West theme park1973
Bumbling astronauts destroy planets1974
Racing competition to run people over1975
Man becomes obsessed with UFO1977
Rebels vs. Galactic Empire1977
Starship discovers lost space probe1979
Cop's family is murdered by biker gang1979
Extra-terrestrial loose on spaceship1979
Criminal sent to rescue President1981
Cop investigates mining colony drug ring1981
Small alien gets abandoned on Earth1982
Programmer gets stuck in cyberspace1982
Police officer hunts robots1982
TV executive finds snuff content1983
Desert planet with spice and giant worms1984
Time travelling killer robot1984
Arcade gamer has to help fight alien army1984
HintFilmYear Released
Teenager travels back to the 1950s1985
An administrative error1985
Little alien creatures terrorise farm1986
Shopping centre with killer security robots1986
Robot police officer1987
Game show has criminals fight to survive1987
Extra-terrestrial hunter in the jungle1987
Sunglasses show subliminal alien messages1988
Biker gang member starts mutating1988
Alien clowns on the attack1988
Aliens at the bottom of the ocean1989
Novelist believes he met aliens1989
Giant worm creatures attack small town1990
A trip to Mars?1990
Brain surgeon losing his mind1990
Killer robot terrorises apartment block1990
Simple man becomes cyberspace killer1991
Drug addicted exterminator goes to North Africa1991
Cyborg soldiers fight1992
Underground prison1992
Theme park with dinosaurs1993
Friends witness alien abduction1993
Cop and criminal frozen for decades1993
Portal to Egyptian-like planet1994
Cyborg policewoman pursues mysterious hacker1995
Underground robots attack1995
Information courier's mind is overloaded1995
Female alien looks for suitable mate1995
Time travel to stop a deadly virus1995
Cop/judge framed for murder1995
Aliens destroy the White House1996
Fake DNA to go into space1997
Two agents must stop evil alien1997
Man and mysterious woman after mystical stones1997
Fascist humans vs. giant bugs1997
Spaceship returns from Hell1997
City where nobody knows how to leave1998
Spaceship at the bottom of the ocean1998
Hacker discovers 'reality' is virtual1999
Scientist gets turned invisible2000
Scientists look for environmental solution on Mars2000
Man is cloned2000
Alien use humans to mine for gold2000
Aliens attack during darkness on desert planet2000
HintFilmYear Released
Japanese students fight to the death2000
Robot boy wants to be human2001
Souls of dead Martians possess colonists2001
Police officer accused of future murder2002
Aliens invade farms2002
Entrepreneur friends make time machine2004
Follows the crew of Serenity2005
Time travel to hunt dinosaurs2005
Win a trip to mysterious island2005
Everybody is infertile2006
Mission to re-ignite the Sun2007
Transforming robots fight2007
The last man on Earth?2007
Man smuggles convent girl into New York2008
Policewoman fights Tokyo mutants2008
Robot helps clean up Earth2008
New York friends try to survive alien monster attack2008
Aliens stuck in South Africa2009
Lonely astronaut on the Moon2009
Soldier turned into blue alien2009
Man finds paper with data on global disasters2009
Man guards last copy of sacred book2010
Spider monsters on the Moon2011
Man tasked with killing his future self2012
Teens from districts fight to survive2012
Man must leave impoverished Earth for rich space colony2013
Teen leads fight against alien army2013
Robots vs. space monsters2013
Office clerk meets his doppelganger2013
Space station mission goes awry2013
Father and son stranded on hostile Earth2013
Escape from giant maze2014
Man falls in love with female robot2014
Soldier re-lives the same day2014
Astronaut stranded on Mars2015
Videogame characters invade Earth2015
Man must find date or be turned into lobster2015
Challenge to communicate with two aliens2016
Cop must protect daughter with a bio-chemical invention in her2017
Mobile cities vs. stationary cities2018
Find the Easter egg in VR world2018
Scientists investigate a strange and growing area2018
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