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The snuff film was real
There is an alien invasion outside the bunker
John Nash's best friend and the shadowy agent are NOT real
Einhorn is a man
The screenwriter wrote the movie you are watching
Patrick Bateman is NOT a serial killer
The alien language lets you see into the future
The seductive crime writer really is the killer
Evelyn's sister is also her daughter
Rosebud was Kane's sled
The city where it's always nighttime is in outer space
The spaceship has been to Hell
Tyler Durden is the Narrator
The cop kidnapped the girl aboard the plane
The mother of a young boy that drowned is the killer
The murders were to preserve the village awards
All the people at the motel are in a killer's head
The girl is NOT the con artist's estranged daughter
Leonard Shelby accidentally killed his wife
The ape planet was Earth all along
The priest's killer faked a mental disorder
Norman Bates' mother is dead and he dresses as her
Thornwald really did murder his wife
Jigsaw was in the room the whole time
The cop's wife's head is in the box
The detective is one of the asylum inmates on the island
The aliens can be killed by water
Angela is the camp killer and actually Peter
The food is made from people
Darth Vader is Luke's father
Adam Gibson is actually the clone
The Bible is written in braille
Brahms is alive and inside the house
The factory worker killed a boy in a hit and run
Walter Sparrow is a murderer that wrote the novel
The mother and her children are the ghosts
The magician uses his twin brother as a double
The child psychologist is a ghost
Verbal is Keyser Söze
It's NOT the 1800s, it's the present day
Those are NOT the kids' grandparents
Elijah Price is Dunn's arch-nemesis and made the train crash

From the Vault

SNL - Men Playing Women

by Librarysquirrel

The clothes really make the man. The wigs...not so much.
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