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Kids cuss after seeing Canadian comedy film
Documentary makers get lost in the woods
Resurrected man gets revenge with the help of a bird
Baseball star targeted by obsessive fan
Eccentric kid falls for his teacher
Undercover cop joins surfing bank robbers
Man dresses up as female nanny
Chinese girl joins army to fight Huns
I.R.A. target C.I.A. analyst
Native American girl meets colonial men
Funny stone age family
Man framed for murder of wife
Man's life is a tv show
Disabled man recounts crime story
Woman pretends to be fiancee of man in coma
Arab teen finds genie
Kid sees dead people
Pilot becomes superhero with a jetpack
Kid stays with killer cousin
Kid befriends giant robot
Woman forgets she is an assassin
Programmer gets identity stolen
Writer kidnapped by obsessive fan
Life of Andy Kaufman
Slacker friends invent a new sport
Cop falls for seductive crime writer
Man literally gets inside actor's head
Grown man repeats school
Stripper/mercenary fights futuristic fascists
Stupid spy is revived in the 90s
Extra-terrestrial on prison planet
Man is attracted to his daughter's friend
Ex-fascist must stop his younger brother from the same lifestyle
Man fights Medieval undead with chainsaw
Jewel thief pretends to be a cop
Life of famous silent film comedian
Woman does elite military training
Billionaire offers money for a night with a married woman
Mythical Irish creature searches for gold
Life of influential black supremacist
Criminals fight Mexican vampires
Two men start a group for fighting
Strangers stuck in giant box maze
Man pretends to be sex worker
Cop fights criminals with strange faces
Woman sues man for sexual harassment, he sues her
A trip to Mars?1990
Crime fighting reptiles live in the sewers1990
Kid left by himself at Christmas1990
Cop pretends to be a schoolteacher1990
Man to jump into a volcano1990
Serial killer makes suit out of women1991
Robot must protect boy from another robot1991
Cowboys go to avenge prostitute's mutilation1992
Terrorists hijack battleship1992
Plumber brothers go to parallel universe1993
Kid gets stuck inside an action movie1993
Man repeatedly relives the same day1993
Theme park with dinosaurs1993
Green-faced superhero1994
Bus with bomb cannot slow down1994
Crazy private investigator for animals1994
Two idiot friends travel to Aspen1994
Woman goes from strip club to Vegas show1995
Toys come to life1995
Serial killer bases crimes on 7 deadly sins1995
Hong Kong cop fights thugs in New York1995
Fighting tournament for Earth realm1995
Cyborg policewoman pursues mysterious hacker1995
Looney Tunes play basketball1996
Aliens destroy the White House1996
Angry man plays golf to save grandma's home1996
Singer/actress is paranoid about stalkers1997
Fascist humans vs. giant bugs1997
Man becomes lawyer for Satan1997
Slapstick adventures of blind rich man1997
Cruise ship sinks1997
Two agents must stop evil alien1997
Terrorists hijack President's plane1997
Criminals hijack a prison plane1997
Man can't tell lies1997
F.B.I. agent and terrorist swap faces1997
Bowler gets his rug ruined1998
Terrorist cell in New York1998
Soldiers look for a family's last son1998
L.A. and Hong Kong cops team up1998
Giant dinosaur attacks New York1998
Half-vampire hunts vampires1998
Chosen one found on desert planet1999
Hacker discovers 'reality' is virtual1999
Man goes to commit adultery and finds sex cult1999
Angels to exploit loophole to re-enter Heaven1999
Young boy catches monsters1999

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