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In the movie Lilo and Stitch, what was Lilo's older sister's name?
Where was the first disney theme park established?
What clothing item contaminated George in Monsters Inc.?
Who did Cinderella fall in love with?
What were Ariel's two friends names?
Disney World in Orlando Flordia has how many main parks, and what are they?
What did cinderella lose when leaving the ball?
In the Lion King, who wanted to kill Mufasa?
Aurora pricked her finger on what?
What was Cinderella's evil step mother's name?
What song did Aladdin and Jasmine sing while on their magic carpet ride?
In the movie Mosters Inc. which character had the ability to camoflauge?
How many dwarves followed Snow White around?
Who were the original 9 princesses?
Who did Alladin say he was when he first met Jasmine?
What movie is about a alien coming to earth and making friends with a young girl?
Why did Mulan go into the army?
What was Belle's father accused of in Beauty and the Beast?
Who put the curse on Sleeping Beauty?
What did Ariel give Ercula in exchange for legs?

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