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Forced Order
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Who is Louis celebrity man crush?
What is Liams favourite colour?
Which boy has only one kidney?
What is Liams phobia?
Who is Nialls dream woman?
Who's favourite film is Grease?
Who's man crush is Justin Timberlake?
Zayn likes girls who are...?
If Harry was to have a baby girl what would her name be?
Whats Niall's favourite colour?
What is Zayn's YouTube name?
What did Niall do when Justin Bieber followed him?
What funny thing does Zayn do when he is drunk?
What's Harry's favourite drink?
How does Louis describe Zayn's body?
What does Niall do in the shower?
What does Niall do a lot of?
What do the boys have that are matching?
What body parts does Zayn not like on himself?
What did Niall think the Hunger Games was about?
What number did 'Gotta Be You' reach in the charts?
Who in the group would Zayn date if he was a girl?
What kind of girl does Niall go for?
What's Harry's number one turn off?
What did Niall used to do to his ex-girlfriend?
Which member of the group knows how to knit?
What was Louis first pet dog called?
What do the boys mom's not approve of?
What year did Liam first go on X Factor UK?
What's Zayn's favourite book?
What's Harry's favourite song of all time?
What instrument does Niall play?
Who did Zayn date during the X Factor?
How tall are the One Direction dolls?
How much older was Caroline than Harry?
What's Harry's sister's name?
Where did they come in the X Factor UK?
Who did Louis Walsh say no to on their audition?
Who's a huge fan of Coldplay?
Who in the band is left-handed?

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Odd One Out: The Office

by Perspektive

'Everything I have I owe to this job... this stupid, wonderful, boring, amazing job.'
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