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Dumbest NBA name (current)
Least favorite college
favorite NFL linebacker ever
least favorite baseball team
Least favorite coach ever
favorite video game ever
what Native American tribe am I
Favorite College besides Madison
favorite actor
what college coach would I kill
Second favorite MLB team
Favorite song
favorite movie
What high school does Coach Carter coach for in the movie
Allergic to what
Favorite band
Second favorite player in NBA history
Lead the 2007 Cavaliers in rebounds
Favorite Defensive football player ever
least favorite NBA team ever
least favorite basketball player ever
how many points did Lebron average in 2007
favorite pitcher (current)
Second Favorite Cavaliers player in history
Best Badger basketball player ever by points
Last Heisman player that I liked in college
Favorite food
favorite color
high school basketball number (varsity)
Favorite quarterback (not Rodgers)
funniest actor
worst superhero movies
favorite pie
who wrote King Leer
Favorite character from the play the 'Iliad'
Favorite beer
who sings Fireflies
Actress I wish I was married to
Date of Birth
Guess What?
I spy with my little eye something fly. what is it?
younget sister's name
What's curved and makes college kids happy
Least favorite Brewer all time
Favorite NBA basketball jersey (team name)
Favorite country (not USA)
Name of the main boy in Boy in the Stripped Pajamas
should be in the NFL hall of fame, but isn't (WR)
Least favorite Athlete ever
What happened Jan. 28, 1986

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