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How much did Mrs. Glick's candy dish cost in dollars?
Dr Nick's friend with a leg for an arm and an arm for a leg
Before Springfield, Lyle Lanley sold monorails to Brockway, Ogdenville and ___?
What disease did Miss Hoover think she had?
What rancid food did the bullies throw at Skinner's house?
Milhouse likes what on toast?
What's the full name of the show they cancelled Kidz Newz for?
The name of Lester's brainy sister
The fake guest star name that comes up in the credits in place of Dustin Hoffman's
What do Bart and Lisa have for dinner if one of them has been good and the other has been bad?
Who do you send one dollar to for eternal happiness?
Sanitation commissioner with his finger on the button
Where did Hibbert's oldest son want to go for dinner?
What catchphrase should Bart learn for his adult years?
What's an anagram of Jeremy Irons?
Which student in Cypress Creek was an arsonist?
Bill and Marty offered to transform Skinner into some sort of ____-like creature.
What does red tick beer need more of?
What year was Itchy and Scratchy created?
Instead of chewing gum, chew ____.
The name of Apu's ice hockey team: 'The Kwik-E-Mart ______'
Bart barely passed his history test by showing applied knowledge about an event from what year?
Moe's guttural braying was an impression of what?
Kirk's a pretty big wheel down at the...?
Jacques, Mindy, Lurleen and Princess Kashmir have a bowling team called what?
Marriage is a lot like a what?
Who does the puppy that stands up remind Mr Burns of?
What did the blind man rename Santa's Little Helper to?
What soccer star promoted wax paper?

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