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Forced Order
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If we can get into Commander Millington's office, we could nick his chess set.
When I kill them, Doctor, it gives me a little buzz. Right here. In the hearts.
I deny this reality. The reality is a computation matrix.
Oh, my god, I'm the tin dog.
Well, the Aztecs were Mexicans. We must be on Earth again. I wonder what year it is.
And maybe give the beard a little trim before you next kiss someone.
Don't you understand, Jo? I've got to go down there of my own free will as a gesture of good faith.
Harvey Wallbanger?!
Gotta say, loving the grey at the temple. Kinda distinguished, yet still sexy.
She doesn't talk to strangers. Very wise.
I'm nothing special. I'm a temp. I'm not even that. I'm nothing.
The thing is, I've seen Cybermen before, haven't I? The head. Those handle shapes in Van Statten's museum.
Shine your torch through it. Composite organic matter. Martha? Medical opinion?
I'm half human, on my mother's side.
Yes, my dear, and we've arrived.
Come to Daddy. I mean, Mummy.
He's not a doctor of medicine. Stevenson's a botanist, you're a zoologist. Ask yourself who's most qualified among us.
Go down and join her, Jamie. She's a very strong headed young woman. See she doesn't come to any trouble.
Mickey the idiot, the world is in your hands.
Doctor Who is required.
I'm here, now, therefore I cannot have been killed then. That is irrefutable logic, isn't it?
Lots of planets have a north.
Don't worry. She does that. Amy, Rory, open all the doors to the swimming pool.
It's just a phone, Clara.
You may disguise your features, but you can never disguise your intent.
No! Oh Jamie, no! What have you done to him? You killed them!
Can you feel the light on your eyelids? That is the light of an alien sun. Forward a couple of steps. Okay. Are you ready?
Nine hundred years. We must look like insects to you.
The Doctor has destroyed a complete species. The charge must now be genocide.
I did spare your son, because he's a useless runt, sickly and weak.
You can be a pacifist tomorrow. Today you just need to survive.
His name is Doctor Who!
Anyone for Dodgems?
If it's possible to get into the situation, theoretically it should be possible to get out of it.
So you see, I'm not gonna let you stop me now!
Wonderful chap. All of them.
The Earth isn't my home, Sarah. I'm a Time Lord.
The monsters are a side-issue, Brigadier, a device to clear central London.
You will do as the Doctor instructs, or I will cut out your heart!
Courage isn't a matter of not being frightened, you know. It's being afraid and doing what you have to do anyway.

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