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QUIZ: Can you name these Lady Gaga Songs?

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First song on 'The Fame Monster'
A song produced by Gaga herself
Gaga's first collaboration across all of her albums
First of 3 bonus tracks from 'Born This Way'
Gaga's first single from 'Joanne'
Song featuring R. Kelly
A song dedicated to Trayvon Martin
Second of 3 bonus tracks from 'Born This Way'
The seventh song on 'The Fame'
The song about the 'happy place' people go to when under 'the influence'
The ninth song from 'ARTPOP'
Song about virtues and betrayal
Song about sex and relationships
A song featuring Florence Welch
The song she memorably performed at the 2009 VMAs
Unreleased song from 'Born This Way'
Song used as the intro for artRAVE
Song featuring Beyonce
Only song from 'Joanne' performed at Superbowl 51
Song about sex and 'disco sticks'

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