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start of quoterest of quotemovie
I'm gonna make him an offer the godfather
frankly my dear gone with the wind
May the forceStar Wars
love means never havinglove story
god I love the smell of napalmapocalypse now
bondJames Bond
there's no placethe wizard of oz
I ate his liver with some fava beanssilence of the lambs
show me jerry maguire
well you can't handlea few good men
you're gonna need jaws
no hintterminator
start of quoterest of quotemovie
no hint terminator II judgement day
I see the sixth sense
it's aliveFrankenstein
keep your friends closethe godfather II
say helloscarface
get your stinking paws off meplanet of the apes
no hintthe shinning
no hintghost
oh no it wasn't the planes King Kong
nobody puts babydirty dancing
I'll get you my prettythe wizard of oz
I'm kingtitanic

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