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Murdered By + SeasonCharacterMethod
Ira Gaines sniper (1)Shot
Nina Myers (1)Slit wrists (staged suicide)
Jack Bauer (1)Shot
Nina Myers (1)Shot
suicide (2)Nuclear explosion
Jonathon Wallace (2)Shot
CTU sniper (2)Shot
Ramon Salazar (3)Shot
Michael Amador (3)Explosion
Jack Bauer (3)Shot
Marcus Alvers (3)Exposed to Cordilla Virus
Jack Bauer (3)Shot
Julia Milliken (3)Shot
Theresa Ortega (3)Shot
Behrooz Araz (4)Shot
Marwan's terrorist (4)Shot
Dave Conlon/Jack Bauer (4)Shot by Conlon; died in surgery after Jack denied him necessary medical attention
suicide (4)Let go and fell to his death
Conrad Haas (5)Shot
Conrad Haas (5)Car Explosion
Murdered By + SeasonCharacterMethod
Sentox Conspirator (5)Hanged (staged suicide)
Ostroff (5)Sentox nerve gas
Ostroff (5)Sentox nerve gas
Jack Bauer (5)Broken Neck
Jack Bauer (5)Shot
Jack Bauer (6)Shot
Phillip Bauer (6)Hyoscine-Penothal overdose
Jack Bauer (6)Hanged by steel chain
Zhou Yong (6)Shot
Air Force pilotsOil Rig Airstrike
Udo (7)Poisoned
suicide (7)Explosion
Jack Bauer (7)Shot
Tony Almeida (7)Suffocated
Collier's hitman (7)Car Bomb Explosion
Ali (8)Shot
Samir Mehran (8)Slit throat
Pavel Tokarev (8)Shot
Jack Bauer (8)Shot

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