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thick ice mass that forms over hundreds or thousands of years (1 word)
glacier that moves within a valley (2 words)
glacier that moves within an alpine (2 words)
glacier that moves within an alpine (2 words)
large, flat masses of floating ice that extend seaward from the coast but remain attached to the land (2 words)
masses of ice that cover uplands and plateaus (2 words)
glacier that occupies broad lowlands at the bases of steep mountains (2 words)
cracks within a glacier (1 word)
where snow and ice formation occurs (3 words)
where there is no net loss to the glacier when the snow from the previous winter melts (3 words)
when meltwater penetrates the cracks and joints along the rock floor of theglacier and freezes. (1 word)
when the ice and its load of rock fragments slide over bedrock, they smooth and polish the surface below (1 word)
pulverized rock produced by glacial gristmill (2 words)
linear scratches on the bedrock surface that provide clues to the direction of glacial movement (2 words)
U shaped trough that is created when a glacier moves down a valley occupied by a stream (2 words)
valleys of the tributary glacier that are left standing above the main glacial trough (2 words)
sinuous sharp-edged ridges (1 word)
sharp pyramid-like peaks (1 word)
deep, often spectacular, steep sided inlets of the sea that exist in many high-latitude areas of the world (1 word)
an all embracing term for sediments of glacial origin, no matter how, where, or in what shape they were deposited (2 words)
deposited as glacial ice melts and drops its load of rock debris (1 word)
sorted according to the size and weight of the fragments (2 words)
boulders found in the till or lying fee on the surface (2 words)
materials that are left as ridges when a glacier wastes away (2 words)
are formed when two valley glaciers coalesce to form a single ice stream (2 words)

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