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gently rolling layer of till deposited as the ice front recedes (2 words)
a broad, ramplike accumulation of stratified drift is built adjacent to the downstream edge of most moraines (2 words)
when an outwash plain is confined to a valley (2 words)
pockmarked basins or depressions found at the end of moraines, outwash plains, a valley train (1 word)
streamlined asymmetrical hills composed of till (1 word)
deposits made by streams flowing in tunnels beneath the ice, near the terminus of a glacier (1 word)
steep-sided hills that like eskers are composed of sand and gravel (1 word)
lakes formed as a result in cooler, wetter climate (2 words)
geological time scale in which most of the major glacial episodes occurred (2 words)
streams that carry water only in response to specific episodes of rainfall (2 words)
drainage that has a discontinuous pattern of intermittent streams that do not flow out of the desert to the ocean (2 words)
lake created by streams that flow into the basin of a mountain, flooding it (2 words)
a way that wind erodes by lifting and removing loose material (1 word)
shallow depressions that are the most noticeable results of deflation (1 word)
stony veneer formed by deflation (2 words)
leeward slope of a dune (2 words)
slopping layers of sand (2 words)
many coastal dunes are this type (1 word)
dunes that form scalloped rows of sand oriented at right angles (1 word)
dunes that are long ridges of sand that form parallel to the prevailing wind (1 word)
dunes formed where vegetation partially covers sand (1 word)
dunes that are isolated hills of sand that exhibit complex form (1 word)
dunes that are shaped like crescents with their tips pointing downward (1 word)
windblown silt (1 word)
cone of debris found at the mouth of a canyon (2 words)

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