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how many windows from the right of the west tower is the window where sirius is imprisoned?
how much does it cost to get to London on the Knight Bus without hot chocolate or a toothbrush?
which finger is Pettigrew missing?
what does the boggart turn into for Seamus?
what color are the sleeping bags Dumbledore conjures when sirius breaks into gryffindor tower?
what seeker was the first to beat Harry to the snitch?
what is the name of the potion that Professor Lupin must take every month?
how many secret tunnels are on the Marauder's Map?
What does Professor McGonagall order at the Three Broomsticks?
What school do the Dursley's tell Aunt Marge Harry is attending?
What does Dumbledore pull out of his Christmas cracker?
What is one of the three classes that Hermione has at nine o' clock?
How much did Percy bet Penelope Clearwater that Gryffindor would beat Ravenclaw?
What Charms lesson does Hermione miss?
What is the password to open the hump of the one-eyed witch?

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