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Can you name the Mouldy Warp(the untold Story, based on a true story)?

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What does Mouldy Warp do for a living
What can Mouldy Warp not stop doing even though he ties
Who is Mouldy Warps Lawyer
Where does Mouldy Warp keep his secret stash
Who subsiquently finds this stash in later novels
What is his Lawyers greatest love
Why won't Mouldy Warp give him one of these things
Who did Mouldy Warp once have a drunken one night stand with
Who killed Mouldy Warp and secretly loved him too
What did his lover, Grey Rabbit do after Mouldy Warp died
Why was Grey Rabbit once taken away by the government for questioning
Why does Grey Rabbit love Mouldy Warp
When and what channel was the Grey Rabbit TV Show Aired

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