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The sun is about to go down, you, along with a hundred or so other people, are in the Red Center of a vast country waiting to see the changes of color on a vast rock. Where!?!?!?
Next to Everest, you are staying in Kathmandu, the capital of this small Himalayan country. Siddartha Gautama (Buddha) was born in this country. Where are you?
You are on a shopping street called the Ginza. This is in a city that was devastated by an earthquake and fire in 1923. It also suffered much in World War II. Which city?
You are crossing the 'blue' Danube, in a city where many great composers lived, among them Johann Strauss, jr., Beethoven and Mozart. Where are you?
You are beside the highest navigable lake in the world, watching the reed boats sailing on the water. It lies between Bolivia and Peru. What lake is it?
You are watching the Mardi Gras festivities in the French Quarter of a city whose main area lies between a large river and a lake. Where are you?
You are in England looking at the home of the world's greatest playwright. It is a half timbered Tudor building. Nearby a modern theater stands. Hmmm, but where?
You are in a city that stands at the entrance to the St. Lawrence Seaway. This is a French speaking city, but you may spot some English signs. Expo 67 was held here. Where?!?!?!
You are in George Town, an international banking center. You arrived on this small island in the Caribbean by cruise ship. What island?
You are in Africa, in the Serengeti National Park seeing all the lovely animals: zebra, giraffe, elephants and even the black rhinoceros. Not far away is the mountain. What mount?
You are on the Salisbury Plain looking at an ancient monument. It is a circle of standing stones, some of bluestone and some of sandstone. What circle is this?
You are in Granada, Spain, exploring a fortress built by the Moors. Externally it looks like a fortress, but inside you can wander through halls and courtyards. What is this?
You are in Venezuela looking at the highest uninterrupted waterfall in the world. They are named after the American aviator who discovered them in 1935. What is the name of this?
You are on a Pacific Island looking at some immense statues. These statues have very large heads. In fact the head is the only part visible in many of them. Where are you?
You are at San Simeon, California. Visiting the home of a late newspaper magnate. It is built in Italian, French, Spanish and Moorish styles. What is this place?
You are standing looking in amazement at a whole army of terra cotta soldiers. These figures were first made around 2,000 years ago and had become buried. Where?
You are in the largest city in Morocco, although it is not the capital. It is also a very important port. Where is this 'white house'?
You have just left the town of Cairns, Queensland. You are travelling in a large catamaran on your way to Green Island. This is part of an immense living structure. What is this?

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