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Can you fill in the correct words for the following questions/ answers from The Cyclops?

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Forced Order
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What is the cyclops response when Odysseus taunts him about escaping? ___ a ____ at his ship.
Who went with Odysseus? ___ best fighters.
What did the cyclops keep with them (as their livelihood)
Before landing on the island of the cyclops, where did Odysseus and his men come from? Land of the ___ ___.
What does the Cyclops do when Odysseus says he will not return? ___ to ____
What did Odysseus tell the Cyclops when he was asked his name?
What did Odysseus do with the ram that carried him out? ____ him to ___
What did Odysseus take with him into the cyclops cave? Sweet ____ and food
What was the result of drinking the liquor? He ____ ____.
What is Odysseus’ first lie to the Cyclops? ____ destroyed his ship.
What is the cyclops name?
What is the plural of the race of one eyed giants?
How many men, total, were eaten by the cyclops?
What did Odysseus make while the Cyclops was gone? A ___

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