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'Do You Call My Name?,' 'Fallen Angels,' 'Rectifier'
'Through the Iris,' 'Now is the Time (Ravenous)'
'Bullet With a Name,' 'Miracle'
'All Around Me,' 'Cassie,' 'Fully Alive'
They split up in 2005 after releasing such hits as 'Downfall' and 'Stronger,' and are back together working on a new studio album
Partially shares the name of frontman Ben Burnley
Drummer Jen Ledger doubles as a vocalist for this Memphis-based rock band, 'Awake and Alive'
This band was 'cold' when it replaced its frontman with Dan Chandler in 2009
Band of brothers, 'The Clincher'
'Death of me,' 'Breathe Into Me'
They hate everything about you, but you have to love their music, 'Riot'
This band's lead singer hates playing their hit single 'Stupid Girl' at live shows because it was written by Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo

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