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Official unification date of Germany?
Year in which the German constitution was written by Bismarck?
What ensured economic unity between the merged states?
Who was supreme warlord in the Kaiserreich?
Who was the chancellor responsible to?
Could the Reichstag accept/reject policy?
How was Germany described during this period?
Who did Bismarck ensure did not confer with Wilhelm I without his permission?
Who was elected secretary of state of the foreign office from 1886?
What passed through the Reichstag ensuring that Bismarck had to cooperate?
How many seats out of 397 did the NL win in 1871?
What % of Germany's population were in Prussia?
What top percentage of wealthiest people elected 85% of Landtag deputies?
How many seats did Prussia have in the Bundestag?
The Prussian Minister of War was also the..?
How many years of service did conscription ensure?
In which year was the military budget fixed for seven years?
What percentage of federal expenditure was on the military in 1874?
What did Wilhelm II believe in?
What did the bill that was rejected in 1890 concern?
An example of a well known industrialist during the Kaiserreich?
Wilhelm II naval commander?
Year in which the dual alliance was signed?
Year in which the triple alliance was signed?
Year in which the reinsurance treaty was signed?
Year in which the NL lost 30 seats in the Reichstag?
Year of the Tariff Act?
Date of second assassination attempt on Wihlem I?
The name of the assassin?
The sickness Insurance Act?
The Accident Insurance Act?
Old age and Pensions Act?
Number of university enrolments in 1912?
Year of the May Laws?
Who introduced the May Laws?
Number of seats won by Zentrum in 1874?
Who was expelled from the country during the Kultukampf?
How many Catholic priests submitted to the new legislation?
What was broken up due to Anti-Socialist Law?
What did anti-socialist law not prevent which undermined strength?
Feb 1890 how many seats did Bismarck's conservative and NL allies lose?
How many seats did the SPD win in 1890?
How many socialists were imprisoned between 1878-1890
What describes Bismarck's foreign policy?
The main nationalist pressure group?
What term suggests that the Kaiser had limited influence?
The supposed tool to distract the working class?
The year in which Weltpolitik was adopted?
What establishment had freedom of criticism?
What increase occurred to Germany's productive capacity between 1871-1913?
Similarly what was Germany's steel production?
Which two firms dominated the electrical industry?
Who produced the worlds first marketable automobile?
Germany's population in 1914?
By 1910 what percentage of people lived in the countryside?
What did the banks provide to stimulate economic growth?
What was the method of removing waste and inefficient competition?
How many were there in 1905?
What doubled in size between 1865 and 1875?
How many new companies were established by 1873?
How many successive years saw national product decline after 1873?
How many of the recently founded corporations went bankrupt?
National income rose from what to what between 1871 and 1914?
What was the rise in marks of German imports?
What was the year of the Hottentot election?
What event also occurred in this year?
In which year did Caprivi introduce social reform?
What was the membership of the Free Trade Unions in 1913?
In which year was the Agrarian League founded?
What was the membership of the Naval League?
What percentage of Reichstag business did economic affairs account for?
What was the percentage of people on 900-3000 marks in 1913?
What was the increase in real wages by 1913?
What proportion of the population were living in poverty?
How many men did the Berlin Homeless Shelter Association accommodate a year between 1900 and 1913?
What division existed between workers?
How many members did the SPD have by 1914?
How many female domestic servants in 1907?
How many marks did the Cobbler of 1906 steal from Kopenick?
How many polish school children went on strike in 1906?
Percentage makeup of population of practising jews?
What was also reformed by Caprivi in 1891?
Who mounted an anti-Caprivi campaign in 1893?
What did Hohenlohe describe himself as?
The dates of 3 successive Naval Bills?
Year in which the dreadnought was built?
What did Posadowsky resume in 1900?
In which year did Bulow reform tariffs?
What two things did Bulow wish to increase to solve the deficit?
With 23% of the vote how many seats did SPD win in 1908 in the Landtag?
With 16% of the vote how many seats did the Conservatives win?
When was the War Raw Materials Department established?
Which programme aimed to increase arms production?
What act enabled the government to control the labour of those between 17 and 60?
Number of civilian deaths from starvation and hypothermia in 1918?
Which viewpoint of the war eventually triumphed?
By how many votes was the peace resolution passed in the Reichstag by?
When was the USPD founded?
How much of their pre-war consumption of meat did Germans have?
How many hours a day did 60% of medium sized factories now work?
Who abdicated their power to place the blame on the socialist government?
On which date did Wilhelm II abdicate?
What was the vote of USPD accepting seats?
What title emphasised continuity between ****'s and Prince Max's governments?
What did the independents wish to democratise?
What pact suggests that **** betrayed the revolution?
What meat that trade unions did not interfere with private ownership?
What event ensured the implacable hostility of the Marxist left towards the Majority Socialists?
How many were killed in the bloodshed in Berlin by mid 1919?
Which party in Weimar was an amalgamation of the old Conservative Party?
What percentage of the electorate turned out to vote in 1919?
What percentage of the vote did the SPD win in 1919?
What percentage did the Weimar coalition win in 1919?
What was the vote that saw the Weimar constitution passed?
Which article caused Germany to accept full responsibility for causing the war?
Germany's national debt in 1919?
By what percentage was German manufacturing output lower than 1914 in 1919?
How many members did the KPD have in 1919?
Which groups wished to smash the republic?
Who was wounded in 1920 after attempting to increase taxation on the wealthy?
How many members did the NSDAP have by mid 1923?
What percentage of the vote did the weimar coalition parties win in 1920?
German unemployment rate in 1921?
What number of right wing murders went unpunished?
Who was assassinated in 1922?
Germany's national debt in December 1922?
In relation to paying reparations, what was the cost of passive resistance?
Cost of a loaf of bread in late 1923?
What patriotic action led to feeling of betrayal in 1923?
Who was finance minister during currency reform?
What was Hjalmar Schacht during the 1924 currency reform?
What plan saw reparations payments decrease?
What was the vote for the Dawes Plan in August 1924 among the DNVP?
Who did the SPD refrain from entering a coaltion with?
How many times was Article 48 used by **** between 1921 and 1925?
January 1925 which party entered into a coalition?
How many seats did the Nazi Party win in May 1924?
Communist leader who stood in the 1925 presidential elections?
In which month and year were the Locarno Treaties signed?
In which year did Germany join the League of Nations?
Influx of foreign capital thanks to the Dawes Plan?
The largest manufacturing enterprise in Europe in 1925?
Increase in German exports between 1925 and 1929?
National income in 1928 compared to 1913, how much higher?
Increase in state spending on housing?
Percentage of workforce unemployed in 1929?
What contributed to sluggish economic growth 1925-1929?
Which group were particularly disimpressed with Weimar economic policies?
In 1929 what percentage of the German population were in the elite?
What did the media propogate during Weimar in relation to women?
Which German word describes Second wage earner?
Who redesigned Berlin (public baths)?
What percentage of secondary-school pupils had working class backgrounds?
Who set up the Bauhaus school?
What was Remarque's most successful novel?
What did Brecht introduce in theatre?
What were Grosz and Dix responsible for?
Who did the radio target?
What Reichstag bill was passed in 1926 as a reaction against cultural developments?
What was introduced in 1927?
May 1928 elections based round what?
What percentage did the Nazi party win in 1928?
Who became leader of the DNVP in October 1928?
Year of the Young Plan?
How many Germans voted against the Young Plan?
Which historian argued that it was the Great Depression that crushed Weimar?
What did world trade collapse by in 1929?
What did real wages fall by in 1932?
Between 1930 and 1932 how many minor bills did the Reichstag pass?
How many times were article 48 used?
Who was Hitler's biggest critic in the Nazi party?
When was Hitler appointed chancellor?
Which word described Hitler's rise to power?
Who held the position of defence minister in 1933?
What was passed as a result of the Reichstag election?
When was the Enabling Act passed?
When was the Night of the Long Knives?
What allowed Hitler to dissolve the Reichstag?
When was the Day of Potsdam?
What German word described Hitler's power?
What contributed to the view that Hitler was Germany's saviour?
What German word describes the peoples community?
What Nazi ideology supposedly removed class divisons?
What science was based on the purity of races?
What nazi ideology appealed to tradition with regards to agriculuture?
Anti-feminist Nazi attitude representation?
What was Hitler's main economic objective?
What German word translates to German comrade?
What was Goebbels minister of?
Who was head of the Party Chancellery?
How many Gestapo members in 1935?
Number of staff in RSHD in 1944?
Most notorious means of repression?
How many KPD members murdered by 1945?
Who opposed the Nazis on principled and moral grounds?
What caused main Nazi opposition from the catholic church?
What did Bonhoeffer set up?
What fraction of pastors from the church joined the confessional church?
Who was the unintergrated youth group?
Which Chief of Staff of the German army opposed Hitler?
What youth group formed in 1942?
What was the Military opposition under Stauffenberg?
What funded the public work creation schemes?
German defence economy?
What was passed in 1933 to tackle unemployment?
What further reduced unemployment?
What was the date of the new plan?
What were the trade deals paid with?
The production of what was prioritised in the Four Year Plan?
What % demand did the 130% increase in oil cover?
Who was appointed minister for armaments in 1942?
When was the Goebbels total war speech?
Percentage of forced labour productivity below normal german workers?
Rise in consumer prices between 1933 and 1938?
Rise in weekly net earnings between 1933 and 1938?
What was the length of the normal working day for Germans 1933 to 1938?
What was set up for farmers in 1933?
What issue described the trade off between armaments and feeding workers?
On average how much had wages risen by in 1939?
Which movement was popular among workers?
What had restrictions placed on it to restrict Women's freedoms?
What was prohibited for women?
Membership of what was made compulsory in 1939?
What percentage of curriculum time was dedicated to physical education?
What was removed for workers during war if they were absent?
What German word meant gentically healthy?
When was the sterilisaton law introduced?
How many were sterlised between 1934 and 1945?
How many were murdered under Aktion T4?
When were the Nurmberg Laws passed?
When was the Night of Broken Glass?
What was decided upon in 1941 with relation to the jews?
What did Goebbels aim to purify?
What art did Hitler condemn?
What was the capacity of the Zeppelinfeld?
What was shot at the Nuremberg Party Rally in 1934?
How many Germans ended up watching Jud Suess?
When did Walter Ulbricht arrive in Berlin?
How many Germans were left homeless in 1945?
What was the official daily ration in the American Zone?
Where did the Black Market operate?
What suggested that Germans got what they deserved?
What conference was held in 1945?
What does ACC stand for?
What were the four D's?
What conference was held between 17th July and 2nd August 1945?
Date of the most famour Nuremberg Trial?
How many nazis were eventually executed?
Which questionnaire identified former nazis?
What fraction of its industrial base did Germany lose due to Soviet extraction?
Who analysed that communism would most likely emerge in economic despair?
When did the bizone formally come into existence?
What ended the US isolationalist policy?
How much financial support did the Marshall Plan offer?
What was the turnout of the first national elections?
What was Adenauer referred to as?
What was modelled on the US Supreme Court?
What was the German for 'economic miracle'?
What did the SPD formulate in 1959?
What was the FDP?
What vote was obtained by the CDU in 1949?
What percentage vote was obtained by the CDU in 1957?
What was the CDU majority in 1949?
When was the Bonn Convention?
What % growth per annum did Erhard achieve?
What was the increase in living standards between 1953 and 1960?
How many new homes did the 1950 Construction Law lead to?
Grants and pensions in 1953 through?
When was the Collective Bargaining Law?
What saw 150,000 nazis reemployed?
What did Germany join in 1950 suggesting European cooperation?
When did Adenauer's first political miscalculation occur?
Who was the CSU defence minister in 1961?
What was the 1950 generation described as?
Which party emerged under Erhard?
Who allowed for the reformation of the communist party?
When were emergency laws for the Bundestag introduced?
What was the year of the Educational Support Law?
What was the social budget increased by?
What did pensions increase by during the 1960s?
What was the 1972 election fought on?
What was Guillame confirmed as being in 1974?
What position was Schmidt stuck in?
Schmidt was titled what?
What was Die Wende?
What vote did the CDU obtain in 1983?
What was German for guest worker?
When was Lambsdorff forced to resign?
Which right wing press group attacked the RAF?
When was the Mogadishu Incident?
How many seats did the Greens win in 1983?
Who was Hans-Martin Schleyer?
What occured in 1979 leading to the formation of the Green Party?
Words for fundamentalists and realists?
What caused numerous talented Green politicians to withdraw?
Unemployment rate decrease from 1950 to 1960?
What was passed in 1967 providing economic stability?
Who resigned in 1972 due to economic crises?
Increase in government deficit in 1977?

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