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What ended between 1951-1955?
How many houses did the Conservative party commit itself to building?
When did Britain detonate its first atomic bomb?
Who was chancellor of the exchequer from 1951-1955?
When was the industrial charter presented?
Who coined the term bustkellism in 1954?
What prestigious position in government had Eden held for ten years under Churchill?
What did the Tory press accuse Eden's domestic policies of lacking?
What did the US and British provide loans for the construction of?
Where had Nasser supposedly left his thumb?
The creation of what was the USA's attempt to put pressure on Egypt?
Who was infuriated by Eden's mad venture?
How many protestors did Bevan address in Trafalgar Square?
By the time of the ceasefire opinion was _/1 in favour of it?
By how much were Britain's debts swollen by after the military operation?
What position did Rab Butler hold under Macmillan?
What act introduced in 1957 demonstrated Butler's liberal stance?
Who was chancellor of the exchequer from 1958-1960?
What is the term used to describe the use of budget to win votes in general elections?
What was Britain's balance of payments deficit in 1964?
What is used to describe the excessive use of interest rates and taxation?
A decline in industry and persistence with inflation?
What percentage of Britain's GDP was spent on defence in 1964?
In which year did Macmillan state that Britain had never had it so good?
UKs percentage growth 1951-64 compared to Italy?
Growth in real wages in the UK 1960-64?
Increase in weekly wage rate of a male worker between 1951 and 1964?
Purchase of what suggested a rise in living standards?
Increase in sales of private cars between 1950 and 1965?
Number of homes built between 1951 and 1964?
What percentage of these were private dwellings?
What was the year of the rent act?
What did Macmillan wish to create through this legislation?
Level of unemployment in 1963?
Who was minister of education from 1962 to 1964?
What did the minister wish to abolish?
What led to the expansion of higher education?
Colloquial definition for the Establishment?
Which ship carried hundreds of West Indian workers in 1948?
Was it outflow or inflow that exceeded the other from 1900-1970?
Location of the 1958 race riots?
Number of white males involved in the riots?
What did a number of white rioters belong to?
Which report was conducted to examine the factors contributing to violence?
Collective name for violent white youths?
What act was used to counter tensions in 1962?
Affrays between which two groups occurred in 1964?
Who was considered to be special section of society?
With regards to politics what boomed during the 1960s?
Percentage of women that had left jobs to return to traditional role in the home?
Who asked Women not to seek new freedoms?
Number of divorces in Britain in 1947?
Who classified women as being dependent on husbands or fathers?
Who protested against decolonisation?
Year of the 'wind of change' speech?
Number of national Kenyans killed between 1952 and 1960?
What was Ian Smith prime minister and leader of?
What did Rhodesia suffer as a result of?
Britains debt to its colonies at the end of the war?
What had failed to match the growth rates of the EEC?
Was did the US supply Britain with in 1962?
What inquiry took place in 1963?
What position did Kim Philby hold?
Number of months later that John Profumo revealed he had lied to the house of commons?
Who argued that the Profumo affair was a moral issue?
In which year was the Night of the long knives?
Who was closely involved in the manoeuvring that saw Home emerge as prime minister?
Which movement attracted those who were pro Soviet union?
What group was formed in response to the damaging trade unions?
In which year was unilateralism dropped as an official policy of Labour?
What notion referred to a progressive Britain?
What phrase was used to describe Britain's comparatively weak performance?
What did George Brown run?
Labour majority over the conservatives in 1966?
What was set up in 1966 by Wilson to regulate pay settlements?
Who resigned over the creation of the Prices and Incomes Board?
What did Wilson claim had blown the government off course?
Pound devalued from what to what?
Britains balance of payments in 1969?
Who did Wilson enter discussions with off the back of devaluation?
Which former Bevanite but In Place of Strife before the cabinet?
Who was home secretary between 1955 and 1957?
What was Jenkin's alternate name for the 'Permissive Society'?
Where was the US embassy located that protestors attempted to storm in 1968?
Who was defence minister in 1967?
What was Heath's commons majority in 1970?
What nickname summed up Heath's attitude towards government?
What was allowed to operate leading to free bargaining between employers and workers?
Who introduced the 1971 Industrial Relations Act?
What was the new concept introduced by the IR?
What does NIRC stand for?
What was John Davies appointed as head of?
What did Davies advise the government against helping?
Who was chancellor of the exchequer under Heath?
The rate of inflation by the end of 1971?
Which company was nationalised in 1971?
Subsidy paid to Upper Clyde Ship Builders?
Action by what ensured that the IR was a failure?
The wage increased gained by the miners in 1973?
Two years in which the two stages of the Local Government Act were passed?
When did Britain become a full member of the EEC?
What was the rate of VAT in 1973?
Western support in which conflict caused OPEC to restrict oil supplies?
Increase in cost of barrel of oil between 1972 and 1980?
What did the value of sterling against the dollar drop to?
Unemployment figure in 1976?
Labours overall majority in its 5 years in office 1974-79?
What did Labour rely on heavily because of this?
Who was chancellor of the exchequer in 1976?
What was the loan that was negotiated?
What did unemployment reach in 1978?
The social contract was an informal agreement between Wilson and who?
When did the government release a pamphlet regarding the 1975 EU referendum?
UK total percentage of yes vote?
What did Callaghan announce in 1977?
What term was coined around this time?
What pay rise was given to lorry drivers in 1979?
Pay rise given to Ford motor workers?
Number of workers on strike on 22nd January?
Two public sector unions involved in winter of discontent?
When was the Lib-Lab pact allowed to lapse?
What did the 1979 referendum in Scotland fail to produce a clear mandate for?
Caption of 1979 Conservative posters?
Overall majority obtained by Thatcher in 1979?
Year in which British embassy in Beijing was broken into?
Who was the first major British politician to visit the PRC?
What described the Soviet attitudes with USA?
Who was killed in 1978, an anti-soviet Bulgarian?
What was Northern Irelands most depressed economic area?
Who took the momentous decision to send British Troops to Northern Ireland?
How many marchers were shot on Bloody Sunday?
Which report worsened tensions?
What agreement was mode in 1973 to encourage power sharing?
What created a constitutional convention in NI?
Turnout of elections for convention in 1975?
What did the government introduce in response to the Birmingham Pub Bombings?
Which satellite was launched in 1962?
What was located in Cornwall related to Telstar
Where was De Havilland based?
Which British chemical company made advancements during the 1950s and 1960s?
What was founded in 1954 with regards to atomic energy?
What report led to the reduction of railways?
_/5 households had a television set by 1960?
Number of British workers taking an annual two week paid holiday in 1955?
Percentage of homes with refrigerators in 1971?
Who wrote the Female Eunuch in 1970?
Women as a percentage of those in higher education by 1970?
When was the Equal Pay Act introduced?
What act was introduced for women to reduce discrimination with regards to employment in 1975?
What became widely available in the 1960s that was widely liberating for women?
This was supported by which Act in 1967?
Which act was introduced in 1959 leading to Lady Chatterly case?
Who appealed against availability of pornography?
What did Mary Whitehouse set up in 1963?
Which report recommended Sexual Offences Act of 1967?
When was the death penalty abolished?
What was set up to investigate complaints of racial discrimination?
What was set up to promote inter-racial understanding?
Who gave the Rivers of Blood Speech?
How many working class Powellites were there?
What percentage of disposable income was spent on clothes in the mid 1960s?
What was the name given to experimentation of youths?
Divorce rate of marriages in 1970? 1/_?
Which charity provided assistance for children on drug charges?
Which book did Hayek publish?
What did Thatcher fear had developed in Britain?
Who was monetarism associated with?
What was always in deficit in the government?
Figure for inflation in 1986?
Where did riots occur in 1981?
Percentage of black youths unemployed in Brixton?
What was seen as racial discrimination?
Who was minister for employment in 1981?
What percentage of Falkland Islanders in 1982 wished to remain under British Rule?
Which Argentine cruiser was sunk by a British Submarine?
What did Labour's total vote drop by in the 1983 election?
Who was head of the NCB in 1984?
The years of two employment acts created by Norman Tebbit?
Battle between miners and police that was the most violent clash?
Who continued to work through the strike suggesting alienation by Scargill?
Which trade union suffered a failed strike in 1986?
What percentage of people supported the government?
Rate of inflation in 1963?
Housing act of?
What was home ownership in 1990?
Increase in shareholders in Britain between 1979 and 1990?
Increase in Britain's balance of payments deficit between 1980 and 1989?
Rate of manufacturing productivity growth between 1979 and 1989?
Increase in real wages between 1979 and 1994?
Who was the industry secretary at the time of the 1986 Westland Affair?
What allowed central government to control local government spending?
What did councils have to adopt?
What was the date of the Education Reform Act?
Where did the idea of the poll tax come from?
What was the comparison of poll tax payers to rate payers?
What did the militant tendency rename itself in reaction to the poll tax?
Who was Thatcher at the forefront of attacking the notions of?
What was the date of the Single European Act?
The former chancellor of the exchequer who Thatcher blamed for the ERM?
Who resigned in 1990?
How many Conservative MPs had lost faith in Margaret Thatcher by 1990? _/5?
What was the public sector borrowing requirement in 1992?
Who was the one woman in Thatcher's cabinet?
What did Thatcher claim that was published in 1987?
How much was income support costing by the late 1990s?
% increase in government expenditure on social security and welfare between 1977 and 1994?
% of total expenditure on education in 1993?
% of total expenditure on social security in 1933?
What was a watered down of Thatcherism introduced by Major?
What did the Labour shadow budget threaten increases in?
What was the exchange value of the pound to DM in the ERM agreement?
Who sold off £30 billion of the UKs currency reserves?
What was the date of Black Wednesday?
Growth rate of Britain compared to Germany between 1995 and 2005?
Who defeated a key bill required for the Maastricht Treaty to come into effect?
What did Major reintroduce the Bill as?
In the 1995 leadership election how many Conservative MPs were not fully committed to Major?
In which year did Major involve himself in the Gulf War?
What was the code name of the NATO aerial attacks of 1995?
Who did John Major sign the downing street declaration of 1993 with?
What was this in response to that occurred in 1991?
When did the ceasefire of 1994 end?
What was the Mitchell Report an impossibility without?
What was used to describe the Tory scandals under Major?
Who resigned over his affair producing a child?
Who accidentally throttled himself to death?
Who reportedly received payments from Mohamed Al Fayed?
What voting system did John Smith introduce in 1993 to make the Labour Party more democratic?
What did Blair project Labour as presenting?
How many votes had Labour polled for its seats in 1997 compared to Conservative?
What was the overall majority of Labour in 1997?
What was Labour referred to in this period?
What was abandoned by Blair as a party objective?
What was supposedly safe in New Labour's hands?
What did New Labours policies largely target?
Who was Blair's special adviser from 1994 to 2000?
What did Blair use as a blanket term for anything that challenged his idea of progressiveness?
How did Labour achieve 101 female MPs in 1997?
What Act was created to make all-women shortlists legal in 2002?
What did Brown grant the Bank of England independence to set?
What percentage of voters were in favour for the creation of a Scottish Parliament?
What had Blair created more of in his four years as Prime Minister than the Conservatives had in 18?
Who became mayor of London in 2000?
What universal payment of £100 caused accusations that public money was being wasted ?
What was the minimum wage introduced at in 1998?
The wages of how many workers were raised as a result?
Who was the home secretary when the Human Rights Act of 1998 was introduced?
What Act passed in 1998 qualified the effectiveness of the 2000 Freedom of Information Act?
What was set up in 1997 to address those who were shut off from society?
Who declared that New Labour would be following an Ethical Foreign policy?
In which year did Milosevic withdraw his troops from Kosovo?
Upon which country did Blair impose sanctions in alliance with USA?
What did Labour feel that workers could gain from with regards to the EU?
Where and in which year did Britain drop its opt out of EU employment and social policy?
What about the common European defence policy?
Who was invited to talks with the Prime Minister in 10 Downing Street?
Who was Blair's Irish counterpart?
What saw Ireland withdraw its territorial claim to the North?
What was percentage vote in the Irish Republic on the referendum?
Where did a car bomb kill 28 people in 1998?
Who was the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to in 1998?
What famous quote was made by Ann Widdecombe about Michael Howard? He supposedly had
What did the Police Reform Act of 2002 create?
What section was repealed in the Local Government Act of 2003?
What was a further extension of gay rights?
What required unions to hold a ballot before strike action in 2004?
Who resigned from their position of Minister of Welfare Reform in 1998?
What was the rate of inflation in 2007?
What did the savings ratio of 9.7% in 1997 fall to in 2007?
What caused UK share values to fall by £120 billion?
What was raised in order to not break Labour's low taxation policy?
In 2007 how many people between the ages of 16 and 30 were on unemployment benefit?
What had Britain become due to 1/4 of workers being employed in the Public Sector?
What was a symbol of the consumer boom that had occurred in Britain?
Loss made by Britain due to Brown selling off Gold reserves?
Britain's export value to China compared to Germany's?
What was Blair's suggestion of economic and political interest collaboration known as?
What did Blair attempt to reform only to be blocked by France and Germany?
How many economic tests did Brown lay down regarding the Euro?
What did Britain's contributions to the EU rise to as a result of Blair negotiating away the rebate?
What percentage of new regulations that came into force under Blair were imposed by the EU?
What was the TCE of 2004?
Percentage of Roman Catholics in NI compared to protestants?
What did the UVF renounce in 2006?
What did this lead to ?
What did Blair's speech in Chicago 1999 establish?
Who passed the Dossier to Blair?
What resolution did not authorise an armed invasion of Iraq?
Who resigned as a result of the 2003 invasion?
Blair was described as Bush's what?
Who used David Kelly as a source in attacking the government?
What failed to clear up the legality and morality of war in Iraq?
How many were killed in the 2005 bombings?
Increase in average age in Britain between 1971 and 2006?
Who and with what numbers were confirmed as being the largest ethnic group in Britain in 2001?
What was Trevor Phillips the chairman of?
What protected people from being abused for religious beliefs?
When were Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace founded?
How many supporters did the Countryside Alliance amass in 2002?
How many new Schools were opened during Blairs years as Prime Minister?

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