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Can you name the U.S. cities with over 100,000 people whose names are playable in Scrabble?

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1,601,587A mythical bird
709,441A type of dessert
645,169A card game
462,486A land formation having a flat top and steep sides
324,655The rising light of the morning
316,238A finely tempered sword
297,859A bank of a river
286,174A portion of a harbor suitable for boats to anchor
270,240An ox-like animal
255,230A dealer in provisions
222,013To deck with wreaths of flowers
217,285A unit of magnetomotive force
201,162Young gentlemen
193,171A form of sculpture
172,945The rising light of the morning
171,909A manifestation of divine care or direction
151,037A luminous circle around a celestial body
144,289An officer who tends cattle
144,276Ponds, marshes, or lakes containing salt water
136,990A citrus fruit
134,699A flat, treeless grassland
133,872A place where rabbits live and breed
133,509A spiny tree or shrub
122,224A state of agreement
121,180Freedom from the control, influence, and support of others
111,475A spark-producing rock
108,666The middle part of a country
105,845The relative positions in which performers are listed
104,877A communal dwelling of certain Indian tribes
101,306A large sofa
100,837Pertaining to a 100th anniversary
100,160To climb up large rocks

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