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What was the original title for the opening track, 'Airbag'?
Where was the majority of OK Computer recorded?
In 1995 one of the tracks later to be included on OK Computer was released on The Help Album - which track was it?
Subterranean Homesick Alien had a second working title in its early stages - what was it?
Exit Music (For A Film) was written for and featured in which 1996 film?
The synthesised voice on the track 'Fitter Happier' was created using what Macintosh application?
OK Computer was originally the title for which Radiohead b-side?
In 1998 a documentary focussing on Radiohead and their 1997/1998 tour was released. What is the name of this documentary?
Who was responsible for putting together the documentary?
Which artist was responsible for the artwork that accompanied the album?
This artist went under a pseudonym - what was it?
OK Computer was released first in which country?
Who wrote The Tourist?
What kind of piano was used during the studio and live versions (until recently) of Subterranean Homesick Alien?
Paranoid Android features two percussion instruments that begin with the letter 'C' - What are they?

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