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Can you name the Who said each of these lines from Chubby Jesus songs??

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Forced Order
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'I got that drip on me, yeah you know that I got that bean, I been coolin', smokin' green, not sippin', I smoke OG.'
'That life is a bandaid you just gotta rip off, gotta jump quicker than them it's the tip-off.'
'She think she bad, yeah, she thinks she Cardi, she say I'm daddy, yeah, just ask Maury.'
'Used to have the rap game in my hand now it's quick sand, when I'm f*cking with money it's quick bands.'
'Don't you ever act like you're my f*cking homie, you don't know me, you don't f*cking know me, you don't, you don't.'
'When I'm at the club, I drink out the bottle, end of the night I go f*ck on a model.'
'Chillin' with the gang, smoking that pack, drinkin' that lean, sippin that ack.'
'Went to the Shell got some pods, rippin' the juul with the squad, lookin' at me you get robbed, dunkin' on you issa a lob.'
'If I said it, then I f*cking meant it, who the f*ck you testin'?'
'Talk about smoking gas, puff, puff, puff, pass.'
'Yeah, watch me ball up in the paint, I may be cute, but I ain't no saint, yeah.'
'Call 'em Malcolm X, put 'em in the f*cking dirt, lookin' like a schoolgirl with the black skirt.'
'I may rhyme lazy and I may rap lame, but I can't f*cking quit 'cuz I love the rap game.'
'Vigorous Icarus hittin' a lick on us, reachin' out close to the sun. Difference 'tween me and you is when I'm f*ckin your boo I got my d*ck on her tongue.'
'I take her to my place, we go at a fast pace, I nut all on her face.'
'Yeah, I'm smoking on that gas, gotcha girl in my lap, f*ck that b*tch after class.'
'Pull up to the party whole gang we go loco, and yes I f*cked your b*tch but you already know tho.'

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Old or New Testament Figures

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Isn't the New Testament actually pretty old as well?
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