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Can you name each and every Copy Ability from the Kirby series?

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Primary EnemyAbilityHint
Super Blade KnightSword's Super Ability. Slice and slam with a ginormous sword!
Super Hot HeadFire's Super Ability. Summon a huge flame dragon to demolish obstacles!
BlobsAdd a splash of color using this ability!
FlamerSpeet hot fiyah.
Waddle DooWhip before whip. Sakurai's favorite.
BoboFire, but not. Last game to have it was Canvas Curse.
Gaw GawJust keep digging!
Cool SpookGlow and make dark areas not so dark!
Plasma WispSpark, but not. Last time used was SSU.
EsperP... K...
WheelieZip zoom!
BonkersA very OP ability.
PillahBrew chemicals and throw pills!
BulbyAnother ability with an ability to go almost completely invincible by burying yourself.
Blade KnightTake this!
Mr. UFOTake me to your leader...
Super Waddle DooBeam's Super Ability. Guide a massive orb of energy around the screen!
Doc's CannonWe have the technology...
Final Weapon of KDL2_______ _____. A sword made of drops of a rainbow.
Broom HatterSweep sweep! Making its grand return in Kirby: Star Allies!
MetalunSuper heavy and slow... but pretty much invincible~
CupieNamed Angel in Japan.
MinnyTiny kirb!
Final Weapon of KDL3____-____ _____. A weapon made of pure love and kindness.
Super ChillyIce's Super Ability. Turn into a big snowball and roll your way through the level!
BugzzyCome on and slam!
None?!The winner is...!
BubblesCanvas Curse reminds me of this one...
StarmanJUMP super HI(gh)! *wink*
PluidCrystal clear!
Final Weapon of KSS________. Used to fight Galactic Nova from the inside out.
BirdonSpread your wings!
Poppy Bros. Jr.Ka-blooey!
TwisterThis is a National Weather Service announcement...
Bio SparkHang on walls and throw shurikens!
The Miracle FruitInhale EVERYTHING! (From Triple Deluxe)
Daroach's Cane______ ____. Used to defeat Dark Nebula in the depths of the Gamble Galaxy.
Chef KawasakiServe up some HP Restores!
GimSick tricks!
Super BonkersHammer's Super Ability. Slam down a massive hammer!
BugzzyKirby's Adventure and NiD ONLY! There's a different ability for other games.
SnoppyIce, but not. Last game to have it was Canvas Curse.
Sir KibbleFlinging blades like a boomerang.
NoddyAaaand... he's out.
Meta Knight's Airship_______ ____. Used to fight Star Dream.
SpynumGuarding using this is a cop-out.
TedhaunNot so spooky... Cute, really.
LanzerBandanna Dee is pretty good with one!
Bang-BangGuide and propell.
Parasol Waddle DeeProtects you from rain!
BunGrab and huck!
Final Weapon of KA____ ___. The power source of the Fountain of Dreams. Used to fight Nightmare.
Bubble HeadSqueaky clean!
Meta Knight's Sword______. Optional final weapon of K&TAM. Go, and defeat Dark Meta Knight!
ChillySkate along!
TacA lot of people argue this ability is useless, since Kirby can do this by default.
VenogooI'm not feeling too good...
RingleDing dong!
Capsule JTake off!
Clown Acrobot'After the curtains close on your foes, they'll know the clown arts are no joke.' Yeesh.
Final Weapon of K64______'_ _____ ___. The Crystal Shards are being weaponized to defeat 02.
BloonLooking at the enemy name, the ability name should POP into your head!

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