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Can you name the words ending in 'S' from A-Z?

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He pulled a thorn from a lion's paw (9)A-S
Alexander's ride (10)B-S
Caribbean capital (8)C-S
Mede main man in Daniel (6)D-S
Ancient wonder Temple of Artemis was here (7)E-S
Intense concentration or Ford rig (5)F-S
If you don't know the answer, do this (5)G-S
The Tin Man's flaw (9)H-S
He flew too close to the sun and had an icky end (6)I-S
The Skipper's given name (5)J-S
Sunflower state (6)K-S
Greek isle (6)L-S
Elvis lies here (7)M-S
French seer (11)N-S
Philemon's errant slave (8)O-S
Portly Musketeer (7)P-S
Census-taking Syrian governor in 6 AD (9)Q-S
Iconic punk rock band--no, they weren't brothers (7)R-S
Noted violin maker (12)S-S
St. Paul's hometown (6)T-S
Ice giant orb (6)U-S
Danish navigator and strait man Bering (5)V-S
Lennon claimed he was this--kukukachu (6)W-S
Persian potentate (6)X-S
Affirmative (3)Y-S
Chief Olympian (4)Z-S

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