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Proximo, Gracchus, Lucilla2000
Inspector Uhl, Sophie, Prince Leopold2006
Bobby Joe Hill, Don Haskins, Jerry Armstrong2006
Jean Villeneuve, Col. William Tavington, Gabriel Martin2000
Pita Ramos, Paul Rayburn, Jordan Kalfus2004
Col. Edmund Munro, Magua, Chingachgook1992
Anna, Samantha, Robert Neville2007
Dan Evans, Grayson Butterfield, Charlie Prince2007
Capt. Jack Ross, Lt. Cdr. JoAnne Galloway, Col. Nathan Jessep1992
Ward Abbott, Marie Helena Kreutz, Alexander Conklin2002
Olivia Wenscombe,Cutter, Alfred Borden2006
Petey Jones, Bill Yoast, Ronnie Bass2000
Ellis Boyd 'Red' Redding, Warden Samuel Norton, Tommy Williams1994
William Somerset, Tracy Mills, John Doe1995
Maggie Fitzgerald, Big Willie Little, Eddie Scrap-Iron Dupris2004
Vesper Lynd, Le Chiffre, René Mathis2006

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