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Can you name the Sonic The Hedgehog Characters?

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 The Blue Blur!
 A technological whiz!
 He can glide, smash obstacles and climb!
 She has a piko hammer to really pack a wallop!
 She is a supportive person, and always knows how to cheer everyone up!
 He loves adventure!
 She is a kind woman who knows what's best for everyone!
 He enjoys fishing and helping people!
 He's always going missing!
 She sacrificed herself to destroy the Metarex planet!
 He has a violent past filled with tragedy!
 He's Eggman's grandfather too!
 He tried to destroy the world and was reluctantly stopped by Shadow as he felt like he was his one link to his past!
 She was Eggman's cousin too!
 She can fly and is very intelligent!
 He's a powerful ally who is friends with Rouge and Shadow!
 He has tried to destroy the world many times but has been stopped every time by Sonic!
 He was stopped by Silver and Sonic and various other friends because his plan would effect all other worlds as well as his!
 He has overrode his programming to obey and not harm Eggman but his main aim is still to kill Sonic!
 He was on the original Death Egg and tried to kill Sonic!
 He is the leader of Team Chaotix!
 He can camouflage and can run at high speeds!
 He is whitty and sometimes slightly hyper ally and his sting is extremely painful!
 She is kind and has a sting just like Charmy!
 He is from the future and is good friends with Blaze!
 He is created when Sonic absorbs all the Chaos Emeralds!
 He was created when Eggman experimented on Sonic with Dark Gaia!
 She was a member of the nocturnus clan and then realised that her leader was evil so she joined Sonic's team!
 She is the princess of an Echidna tribe!

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