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Can you name all the parties United States senators listed as their party? (all-time)

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 Samuel Bell, William Henry Harrison, Horatio Seymour
 John Holmes
 Thomas Clayton, Rufus King, James Lloyd
 Charles Bouligny, James Brown, Ninian Edwards
 Samuel Houston, Anthony Kennedy, John Crittenden
 William Few, James Gun, Alexander Martin
 James Barbour
 Henry Clay, John Tyler, Benjamin Swift
 James Buckley
 Thomas Cobb, James DeWolf, John Branch
 Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Kerry
 DeWitt Clinton, Daniel Smith, John Breckinridge
 Ernest Lundeen, Henrick Shipstead, Magnus Johnson
 John Quincy Adams, Timothy Pickering, Isaac Tichenor
 James Harlen, Lawrence Brainerd, Salmon Chase
 Dean Barkley
 Harry Byrd, Joseph Lieberman, Angus King
 John Hale
 Newton Booth
 William Fulton
 Littleton Tazewell, Henry Edwards, David Holmes
 Elias Kane, William King, John McKinley
 John Francis
 Morgan Hamilton, Charles Sumner, Orris Ferry
 Joseph Cilley
 Robert Hayne, Stephen Miller, William Preston
 James Bell, Jacob Collamer, Joseph Comegys
 James Kyle, William Peffer, Marion Butler
 Richard Potts, George Read, John Rutherford
 Miles Poindexter
 Marion Mahone, Harrison Riddlesberger
 John McCain, Rick Santorum, Richard Nixon
 William Stewart, John Jones
 George Turner, Henry Teller
 Peter Van Winkle, Waitman Willey, Benjamin Brown
 Garrett Davis, John Henderson, Thomas Hicks
 William Upham, Daniel Webster, John Davis

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