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QUIZ: Can you name the 50 favorite words and phrases of Prof. Eckler?

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Eckler verbs
designed to take or hold 
expressing oneself readily, clearly, or effectivel 
to become joined 
to fix or mark the limits of 
to describe, portray, or set forth with accuracy or in detail 
to meet especially by chance 
to attract and hold by influence 
to open up 
to pass into or through 
to come into possession of  
to improve or perfect 
to find an answer 
to mark with lines, grooves, scratches, or notches 
Eckler nouns
the fitting together of parts 
something that indicates or fixes a limit or extent 
something essential to the appearance or occurrence of something else 
a graphic design that explains rather than represents 
the line where an object or area begins or ends 
something personally encountered and lived through 
an increase in length 
something done by way of formality 
a graded or ranked series 
occurring between two things 
peninsular country in Southern Europe 
the junction of two or more members 
the dimensions, capacity, or amount of something 
a brief period of time 
an individual's conception or impression 
a plan under which action may be taken toward a goal 
harmonious relation of parts to each other or to the whole 
an aspect or quality that connects two or more things 
a proportion between two sets of dimensions 
a continuous or connected series 
the exterior or upper boundary of an object 
an assigned area 
the place or point of entering or beginning 
Eckler phrases
believe in 
ideas like this 
brings up certain subjects 
Eckler adjectives
of or relating to a place in between things 
blocking the passage of light 
yielding results, benefits, or profits 
of or relating to a place in between things 
of or relating to building 
having the property of transmitting light 
Eckler adverbs
marked by intense emotion, activity, or instability 
to a greater degree or extent 

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