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Can you name the 100 most famous musicians according to MIT?

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Popularity IndexMusicianDescription
30.7018th Century Austrian Composer
30.3517th Century German Composer
30.2918th Century German Composer
28.8020th Century American Singer
28.7519th Century German Composer
28.6519th Century Polish Composer
28.5819th Century Italian Composer
28.4717th Century German Composer
28.3320th Century Jamaican Singer
28.2618th Century Austrian Composer
28.1120th Century American Musician
28.0717th Century Italian Composer
27.9720th Century American Musician
27.8520th Century American Musician
27.8020th Century American Singer
27.7119th Century Czech Composer
27.6720th Century British Musician
27.6220th Century American Rapper
27.5320th Century Colombian Singer
27.5020th Century French Singer
27.4920th Century American Singer
27.4920th Century American Singer
27.4820th Century Canadian Musician
27.4520th Century American Musician
27.4320th Century American Musician
27.4319th Century Italian Composer
27.4119th Century Czech Composer
27.3620th Century British Musician
27.3620th Century American Singer
27.3520th Century Barbadian Singer
27.3419th Century German Composer
27.3319th Century German Composer
27.3318th Century Austrian Composer
27.2916th Century Italian Composer
27.2820th Century British Musician
27.2719th Century French Composer
27.2618th Century Italian Musician
27.2619th Century Hungarian Musician
27.2320th Century British Musician
27.2120th Century Italian Singer
27.2020th Century British Musician
27.1920th Century American Rapper
27.1819th Century Norway Composer
27.1520th Century American Rapper
27.1520th Century American Singer
27.0919th Century French Composer
27.0120th Century American Musician
27.0020th Century British Singer
27.0020th Century American Musician
26.9920th Century American Singer
Popularity IndexMusicianDescription
26.9919th Century German Composer
26.9817th Century German Composer
26.9720th Century American Musician
26.9419th Century German Composer
26.9220th Century British Musician
26.9020th Century British Singer
26.9019th Century Czech Composer
26.8620th Century Canadian Singer
26.8419th Century Canadian Composer
26.7820th Century British Musician
26.7820th Century American Musician
26.7419th Century Austrian Composer
26.6919th Century Finnish Composer
26.6820th Century American Singer
26.6620th Century American Musician
26.6520th Century American Singer
26.6519th Century French Composer
26.6020th Century American Singer
26.5719th Century Romanian Composer
26.5720th Century Irish Singer
26.5618th Century Italian Composer
26.5420th Century Canadian Singer
26.5320th Century American Singer
26.5217th Century German Composer
26.4820th Century British Musician
26.4820th Century Icelandic Musician
26.4820th Century American Musician
26.4620th Century Musician
26.4517th Century Italian Composer
26.4420th Century Italian Composer
26.4320th Century American Singer
26.4219th Century Russian Composer
26.4120th Century Russian Composer
26.3820th Century American Singer
26.3719th Century French Composer
26.3720th Century American Musician
26.3620th Century American Musician
26.3619th Century American Composer
26.3617th Century British Composer
26.3520th Century British Musician
26.3417th Century Italian Composer
26.3419th Century French Composer
26.3320th Century British Singer
26.3219th Century German Composer
26.3117th Century Italian Composer
26.3019th Century Russian Composer
26.3020th Century American Singer
26.2916th Century Italian Composer
26.2720th Century Mexican Musician
26.2618th Century Italian Composer

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