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Can you name the Asian country having the longest border with the given country ?

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CountryLongest Border With...length of Border
Kyrgyzstan1224 km
Qatar60 km
Nepal1690 km
Thailand1800 km
Uzbekistan2203 km
UAE457 km
Cambodia1228 km
China4677 km
Azerbaijan787 km
Brunei381 km
Vietnam2130 km
Oman676 km
Pakistan2912 km
Saudi Arabia1458 km
India4054 km
Armenia787 km
Indonesia1782 km
Iraq1458 km
Bangladesh4053 km
Kazakhstan6848 km
South Korea238 km
CountryLongest Border With...length of Border
Laos2130 km
Syria822 km
Jordan744 km
Timor-Leste228 km
North Korea1416 km
Afghanistan2430 km
Georgia723 km
Turkey822 km
Yemen1458 km
Myanmar1463 km
Iran1458 km
Malaysia 1782 km
Tajikistan1206 km
Mongolia4677 km
Israel*266 km
Russia6846 km
Kuwait240 km
Lebanon375 km
Bhutan605 km
Turkmenistan 1621 km

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