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Can you name the Deus Ex Mankind Divided Characters?

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Ex-Sarif Undercover Juggernaut Agent
TF29 Prague Quartermaster
TF29 Psychologist / Illuminati Plant
Augmented Rights Coalition (ARC) Leader
Juggernaut Mastermind
Prague Underground Casino Owner
Founder of Detroit's Augmentation firm
Conspiracy Radio Host
TF29's Utulek Complex Informant
Disgraced local 'Anti-Aug' politician
TF29's undercover agent in Dubai
Prague train station bomb maker
CEO of Palisade Bank Corporation
Recruits Jensen to TF29
TF29 Central European Director
TF29 Pilot
Name of Silhouette's predecessor
TF29 Director
7'1' Illuminati ARC activist
Versalife Owner from 2016
Orchid Project Chief Scientist
Prague Train Station Bomber
Tarvos Prague Head of Operations
Head of the Council of Five
Picus Chief
Jensen's Alaska facility
Pritchard's ripper associates allias
Organisation Hector Guerrero is undercover with
Short-form name of prison Jensen goes undercover in
'The Fixer' from 'A Criminal Past'

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