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'...he took her to a show in town, and he was ten feet off the ground as he was...'
'...the day is brighter here with You, the night is lighter than its hue, would leave me to believe...'
'...touched down on the cold black tar, hold on for the sudden stop, breathe in the familiar shock of confusion, and chaos, all those people going somewhere, why have I never cared
' take me as you find me, all my fears and failures and fill my life again, I give my life to follow, everything I believe in, now I surrender...'
''s like the sun is shining when the rain is pouring down, it's like my soul is flying though my feet are on the ground...'
'...I cry out with no reply, and I can't feel You by my side, so I'll hold tight to what I know...'
' the morning when I rise, in the morning when I rise, in the morning when I rise...'
' hope is found, He is my light, my strength, my song; this cornerstone, this solid ground firm through the fiercest drought and storm...'
'...the splendor of a King, clothed in majesty, let all the earth rejoice, all the earth rejoice...'
'...surrounded by Your glory, what will my heart feel, will I dance for You, Jesus, or in awe of You be still?...'
'...calloused and bruised, dazed and confused, my spirit is left wanting something more...'
' I am, Lord, and I'm drowning, in Your sea of forgetfulness, the chains of yesterday surround me, I yearn for peace and rest...'
' heart sings a brand new song, the debt is paid, these chains are gone...'
'...we pour out our miseries, God just hears a melody. Beautiful, the mess we are, the honest cries of breaking hearts...'
'...I'm so very ordinary, nothing special on my own...'
'...I wanna feed the hungry children, and reach across the furthest land, and tell the broken there is healing, and mercy in the Father's hands...'
' it feels, when the sacred is torn from your life, and you survive, this is what it means, to be loved, and to know that the promise was when everything fell...'
'...I've learned in laughter, or in pain, how to survive...'
'...light of the world, You stepped down into darkness, opened my eyes, let me see, beauty that made this heart adore You, hope of a life spent with You...'
'...been a hard one, been a bad one, been a tough one, been a sad one, it's been one of those days that keeps chipping away at my heart...'

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