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What is the driest place on Earth?driest means no percipitation sillyhead
What is the largest living organism? covers 2,200 acres in Oregon
Which bird lays the smallest egg for its size?They make great omlets
What is the deadliest animal that has ever lived?MALARIA
What man made structures can be seen from the moon?-5 points if you guessed great wall
Where were bagpipes invented?roman empire brought them to britain
Which metal is the best conductor?check the wires in the wall just in case....
What does the moon smell like?what if the astroanaut had a stuffy nose?
How many planets are there in our solar system?byebye hunk of ice we called pluto
What sound does the largest frog in the world make?the bigger they are, the quiter they get
HintsBonus info
Which African mammal kills the most humans?new king of the jungle here
What kills 3 times more people then war?new reason to sleep in
What is the number of the devil?read the bible, not the newspaper
Which country contains the most tigers?here kitty kitty
what is the official color of the universe?didnt see that coming did you? read up on it
What was the color of the sky according to an ancient greek?they had no word for blue
What do camels store in their humps?lay off the cheeseburgers man....
What continent did camels originate from?They got bored and left
How many states are in the United states?there are some commonwealths
Who was the first American president?First leader of the Continental Congress

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