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Can you name the Criterion films that were nominated for the Best Picture Oscar?

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Oscar year, directorTitlehint
1929-30, Ernst Lubitsch*early musical
1931-32, Ernst Lubitsch*Claudette Colbert and Maurice Chevalier
1931-32, Ernst Lubitsch*Jeanette MacDonald and Maurice Chevalier
1932-33, Alexander Korda*Oscar win for actor Charles Laughton
1938, Jean RenoirFrench film
1938, Anthony Asquith and Leslie Howardnot My Fair Lady...
1939, John FordWestern
1940, Alfred HitchcockBest Picture winner
1940, Charles Chaplinhe's got the whole world in his hands...
1942, Michael Powellreleased in US as 'The Invaders'
1943, David Lean and Noël CowardIn the (British) navy!
1943, Ernst Lubitschnot to be confused with the Here Comes Mr. Jordan remake
1945, Alfred HitchcockSalvador Dali
1946, Laurence Oliviercolor, epic, Shakespeare
1947, David LeanDickens
1948, Powell and Pressburgernot ruby slippers...
Oscar year, directorTitlehint
1948, Laurence Olivierblack and white, Shakespeare
1957, Sidney Lumetcharacters without names
1959, Otto Premingerstarring Jimmy Stewart
1969, Costa-GavrasForeign language film winner
1970, Bob Rafelsonlike a simple jigsaw puzzle has
1971, Peter BogdanovichCybil Shepherd on a pool table
1973, Ingmar BergmanSwedish film
1982, Costa Gavrasstarring Sissy Spacek
1987, James L. Brooksnot Network, but what you mind find on one
1987, Bernardo BertolucciBest Picture winner
1991, Jonathan DemmeBest Picture winner
1992, James Ivoryrecently added to Criterion
1998, Terrence Malickovershadowed by that other war movie
2000, Steven Soderberghone of the two Soderbergh films nominated
2008, David Finchercuriously overrated

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