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Can you name the actors, songs on the sountrack, and trivia about the film Dazed and Confused?

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Chacracter/Song/Trivia QuestionActor/Artist/Answer
Michelle Burroughs
Don Dawson
Cynthia Dunn
Kaye Faulkner
Randall 'Pink' Floyd
Simone Kerr
Jodi Kramer
Darla Marks
Mike Newhouse
Fred O'Bannion
Benny O'Donnell
Tony Olson
Kevin Pickford
Ron Slater
Melvin Spivey
Chavonne Wright
Julie Simms
Carl Burnett
Sabrina Davis
Mitch Kramer
Clint Bruno
David Wooderson
Nesi White ('Girl In Blue Pickup Truck'/uncredited)
'Sweet Emotion'
'Highway Star'
'School's Out'
'Jim Dandy'
'Why Can't We Be Friends'
'Free Ride'
'No More Mr Nice Guy'
'Do You Feel Like We Do'
Chacracter/Song/Trivia QuestionActor/Artist/Answer
'I Just Want To Make Love To You'
'Love Hurts'
'There's Never Been Any Reason'
'Fox On the Run'
'Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo'
'Lord Have Mercy On My Soul'
'Show Me the Way'
'Rock & Roll All Nite'
'Livin' In the U.S.A.'
'Right Place, Wrong Time'
'Cherry Bomb'
'Hey Baby'
'Tuesday's Gone'
'Summer Breeze'
What year was the film released?
What was the studio that released it?
Who was the director?
Which band wrote the song the film is named after?
Which city was the movie filmed in?
What is the name of the high school in the film?
What is the mascot?
What song plays over the opening credits?
Date the film takes place?
What makes that day unique?
Which year will the incoming seniors graduate?
What is Pink asked to sign?
How many people give it to him in the film?
The girls list their favorite episodes of which TV show?
Tony has a dream of a girl with 'a perfect female body, but the head of' this President?
In shop class, Slater gives advice on how to improve this project?
Chacracter/Song/Trivia QuestionActor/Artist/Answer
What event was celebrated in 1976?
Which senior is throwing the school's out party?
Why is the party broken up?
What is the name of Mitch's junior high teacher?
Who has flunked their senior year?
How are Carl and Mitch saved from being 'busted'?
Which freshman girl does Jodi 'invite' to be hazed?
Which two characters are siblings?
Which of the girls is the hazing ringleader?
What does she command them to do?
What does Simone order the girls to do?
Chavonne takes a freshman girl to Don and orders her to do what?
Name of the Alfred Hitchcock film--his last--that is playing at the drive-in?
How do the freshman girls get clean after the hazing?
What is the name of the drive-in restaurant?
What is the name of the pool hall?
Which two freshman boys take the worst licks?
Which grade is Julie in?
Whose faces does Michelle paint on some statues?
What is the party at the end of the film called?
While playing mailbox baseball, what does Mitch throw out the window?
What does it destroy?
What is climbed at the party?
According to Slater, which President believed in aliens and grew fields of marijuana?
Who is 'a hip, a hip, hip lady'?
There is some spooky stuff on this object?
Which two characters get into a fight?
Where is a joint smoked after the party?
What is the name of the football coach?
Where is Wooderson going at the end of the film?
What song is playing at the end of the film?
Why does Wooderson like high school girls?

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