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ClueCurrent Team Name
This city is known as the nation’s leading stocker and feeder market. The team is named after a nationally known Livestock and Horse Show held in the city.
This team struggled in the 1910's and after the Boston Braves had a miraculous season to win the world series. This team played off the Boston Braves name.
This team changed is name after a woman stated how lovely the shade of color was on the uniform.
After invading the city, this team adopted the former name of their cross-city rivals. The name was later shortened so it would fit in newspaper headings.
The colors of this bird represent the coat of arms of George Calvert.
Named after the urban area the team played in, the brief name thrilled news writers.
Named by a fan contest this mascot is described as 'It is strong, aggressive and inquisitive. It dares to take on all comers, yet it is down-to-earth, gutsy and good-looking'
Refers to the cities status as the first Spanish Mission in the state.
Named after their Pacific Coast League team name. This team is legally obligated to keep their city in their name.
The fans chose from a list of animals in the area, settling on their current name. Also, it relates to the shape a baseball field.
After a debate in which city the team was going to move to, the team chose name to relate to both cities.
Named after the states beer industy this name has been used on and off through out the city's history.
Originally the Quakers, this team changed its name to represent the city they are from.
Formerly the wolverines this team got it's name from the cities oldest military unit, the 425th National Guard infantry regiment, which fought in the Civil War and Spanish-American
Originally the Gotham’s, sports writer adopted the name after the Manager Jim Mutrie bragged about the stature of his players.
ClueCurrent Team Name
After the Washington Senators moved here the team was named after their states law enforcement agency.
This team got their name from the Tammany Hall. The president was part of the Tammany Hall, the Democratic Party machine that controlled New York City politics throughout the 19th
Named in a fan contest. The name had many complaints from Christian and eventually changed it's name to reflect the sun.
Named after the color socks they wore, this team had to change its name in the early 60's to avoid being connected with communist.
This team had tradition of wearing a certain color sock. For fear of colored socks causing leg injuries to get infected they were removed from the uniform.
This name refers to pedestrians who 'avoided' the trolleys that carried passengers through the city.
When this team moved in, it took the name of the old team that moved out. When the name was first used it was ironic because they played in the American league.
In 1890 this team signed two players one was Lou Bierbauer who the Philadelphia Athletics forgot to put on their reserve roster. The team was named after the 'stole' the player.
One of the oldest names in baseball, this team started out as the Athletic Baseball Club of Philadelphia.
Named after the landscape and a hockey team that only averaged 19 wins a season for its existence. This name is said to be strong, enduring, and majestic.
Named after the youthfulness of the team at the time, the team was previously called the Orphans.
With two teams in the same city this term was used by the press to differentiate the one in the 'American' League.
This name has been a long time name for the minor league team in the area. This team is named after a popular animal in the area.
Greek for star, this team chose it's name because it is the place where American astronauts train.
Named after the prominence of marine activities in the Puget Sound area.

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