Batmans Greatest Rogues

Can you name the Batmans Greatest Rogues?

Classic Type in answers that appear in a list
HintAnswerExtra Info
Is a Very Intellectual Villain Obsessed with Riddles Portrayed By Jim Carrey Utilizes a Green Question Mark Hook and Cane And A Bowlers Hat
Former Gotham District Attorney Portrayed By Tommy Lee Jones and Uses Various Firearms And Explosives
Former Cyro Scientist Obsessed With Curing His Dying Wife Named Nora Portrayed By Arnold Schwarzenegger and Spews a Lot Of Ice Puns
Former Exterminator and Can Communicate With Rats Real Name Is Otis Flannagan
Former Psychiatrist Utilizes a Fear Toxin Who Vowed Revenge on The World after Getting Bullied By His Classmates and GrandmotherUtilizes A Scythe and His Deadly Dancing or Improvised Crane Style Kung Fu also called the Prince Of Panic
Former Financier and Criminal Mastermind ran several Rackets From His Cell His Limbs Were Frozen By Mr Freeze Including His Fingers Nose and Lips He Then Filed His Teeth To Make Him Resemble The Shark Species
Former Nightclub Owner and Psychotic Gangster Obsessed With The Greek Gods Utilizes Greek Based Henchmen and A Trident In Combat
A Gangster/Crime Lord in Gotham Criminal Underworld Uses Guns And His Sheer Brute Strength To Crush his Adversaries Uses The Gotham Hip Hop Scene To Conduct Shady Criminal Underworld Business Dealings
Became Obsessed With Controlling Time After His Sister Died Of a Fatal Illness A Man Who Is Obsessed With Time and Clocks and has Some Control Over Time Itself
A Highly Skilled Yet Dangerously Obsessive Psychologist Is Driven By His Hatred Of Batman
A Psychotic and Homicidal Mask Wearing Gangster He Killed His Abusive Mother and Father For Their Cosmetics Company Janus Corporation and Kills Them in a Fire He is A highly Skilled Athlete Master Tactician and Strategist And Skilled Combatant And Master Marksman And Skilled In Torture Techniques and His Gang Is The False Face Society
Sells Properties To Gothams Criminals He also sells Superpowers
Floods His Auction Houses With Toxic Gas His is Possibly French
Two Different Versions Master Marksman Rivaling Deadshot
Arch Rival Of The Falcone Crime Family The Patriarch Of The Maroni Crime Family
Relocated From Gotham City To Chicago To Continue His Criminal Empire Known For Killing Robins Parents
A Deranged Serial Killer Who Wears A Pig Mask and A Skilled Surgeon And Knife MasterCircus Of Strange Ringleader and Creates Lobotomized Individuals Called Dollotrons
A Highly Ambiguous Character Real Name Deula Dent
A reptilian like Being who Posses Superhuman Strength and Razor Sharp Teeth And Claws Arms Broken By Bane
A Driven Yet Drug Hating and Ruthless Vigilante Accidentally Killed His Own Father During A Botched Liquor Store Robbery
A Short Rotund Man Yet Surprisingly Skilled In Judo and Highly Agile is a Gangster/Crime Lord and Racketeer Utilizes Weaponized Umbrellas With Machine Guns and Sometimes Bladed Weapons
First Appearing IN Batman The Animated Series Beaten to Death With His Condiment Guns
First Appeared In The 70s Killed By a Man Hole Cover Really?
Former Painter who can see in in vivid colors only Was Vaporized For a Immortality Potion But Was Fooled and Disintegrated
Former Security Guard And Vietnam War Veteran Who Can See Through His Fingers Appeared In The Brave And The Bold
One OF The Biggest Gangsters/Mobsters In Gotham City Alleged Father Of Catwoman
A Serial Killer Who commits Crimes on Holidays His Name is A Parody oF The Julian And Gregorian Calendars
The Greatest Villain In Gotham City He is Responsible For Almost Destroying The Batman Family By Killing Jason Todd and Crippling Oracle But Both of Whom Have Recovered In The New 52
Jokers Ex Girlfriend And Former Psychiatrist Now Based In Coney Island Brooklyn Is Now Having a Relationship With Poison Ivy
A Former Botanist And LGBT Character Affectionately Dubbed Red By Harley QuinnCan Control Plants Using Her Powers
HintAnswerExtra Info
Born in Chicago Tried To develop a Cure For Deafness Former Chiropterologist
A Childhood Friend Of Bruce Wayne Killed his Parents to get The Elliott Family Fortune Former Surgeon Master Marksman and Great Physical Strength
More Eggs Egg Puns
Cowboy From Texas in The 60s Show Cowboys
Believes He is The Pharaoh Believes Gotham is Egypt
Raised By RasMother of Damian Wayne
Leads The League Of Assassins Is a International Terrorist
Real Name Is Eduardo Dorrance Served His Mercenary Fathers Sentence
A Pencil Themed Villain Former Friend Of Bruce Wayne
Leaves Clues Father Of Spoiler Leaves Clues
A Highly Deranged Killer Who Was Born Into Gotham Elite Wealthy Parents He Uses A Knife To Carve Tallies Into His Body Representing Each Victim He Encounters
Crooked City Councilman And At One Point One OF The Biggest Mobsters/Crime Lords In Gotham Killed In Black Gate Penitentiary
A Skilled Surgeon and Torturer Had a Daughter Who Was Adopted By Lady Shiva
Over A Century Old Used By The Court Of Owls
Frequent Member Of Suicide Squad Master Combatant and Marksman
Faced Batman in The Arkham Games Twice Master Assassin And Arkham Knights Second In Command
Mayoral Mobster What a Combination Former Mayor After His Resignation He was Being Blackmailed By Rupert Thorn
Former Pyrotechnics Expert But Fell To The Poverty and General Pyschosis Of Gotham He is Utterly Obsessed With Fire And Will Do Anything To Keep His Fire Craving Going He is A Professional Criminal/Serial Arsonist
Likes To Eat Targets FacesHis Body Was Never Found After He Fell Off A Cliff
Former Solider and Explosives Expert Likes To Blow Up Buildings
They Are A Highly Secret Organization Dating Back To The Founding Of Gotham Utilizes Assassins Known As Talons
Appeared as A Female Arkham Origins Uses His Constriction Powers To Suffocate People
Parents Died In A Crash Doesnt Remember His Parents Stole Batmans Empire And Mayoral Canidate
Obsessed With Bringing His Parents Back From The Dead His Powers Are Necromancy
A Highly Deranged Serial Killer Who Wears Masks OF Different People Currently Incarcerated At Arkham
Obsessed With Alice And Wonderland Not The Mad Hatter
Obsessed With Finding Alice And Possibly a Pedophile Real Name Jervis Tetch
Father Was Killed By James Gordon Created Jokers Mask
Shapeshifter Who Can Take Any form Former Actor
A Anarchist Lonnie Machin

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