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Can you name the weird little miscreants created by Jhonen Vasquez?

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Only his mom calls him this.The Anti-Christ!
What does the G stand for?Doom doom doomdoom...
Boy howdy, he sure is in some pain.Created just to fill up space.
Do not ignore his veins!!!HE'S GENIUS!
Wishes to stop being alive.Made of Styrofoam.
He was there the whooole time...Squeak!
Just don't put monkeys in her art, man.Leave her the hell alone.
WHY is his head so big?When is Mysterious Mysteries on?
Wishes to live completely.Also made of Styrofoam.
2nd shortest Invader.HOO-WAA!
Tremble before his mighty knowledge.He will save you, sad, ignorant one.
Told ya they'd like lasers.NO! Our snacks!
Questions sleep.He'll show you wacky.
Must beat the vampire piggies.Scary. So scary.
Actually kind of a nice guy... just ignore the horns.He offers nachos, they only have breadsticks.
Scarier than any teacher from the black lagoon.The world will IMPLODE, class.
So easily frightened.He's really not crazy. He's pretty okay.
Dracula he is not.Yum... wait, no.
Talk to Spooky!She knows the coolest noodle place.
Pretty much the smartest person he knows.Real science: Try it!
He's a huge fan of Nny's work.Be a better judge of character.
Too many pizza...The one and only Pizza Hog!
Nightmare absorber.That's one eerie teddy bear.
Two words: more puppets!Let's go eat food.
He only CREATED THE EARTH! Sheesh!Shh! He is very sleepy.
Birds sing and Zim's gonna pay!!!She's the hideous new girl.
Pwepare to wuv it.Oh my God, no.
Bestest friend ever.Don't be friends with Zim.
Resist, Nny. Use that stuff.Finally! A voice of reason.
Super-powered, fan-hating comicmasterextraordinaire.King, yeah. But Goth? That's just arrogant.

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