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Same Type Attack Bonus is boosted
Normal attacks become Flying
KOing this Pokemon can hurt the attacker
Cancel the effects of the weather
Attacking last boosts the attack power
Getting hit by a critical hit maxes out Attack stat
Senses foe's powerful moves
Keep ground-bound foes trapped from switching
Protect allies from attacks that limit move chocies
Cancels Aura abilities
Torment Sleeping foes
Protect against critical hits
Defense cannot be lowered
Boosts Fire moves in a pinch
Protects from bullet, ball, and bomb moves
Recover HP just from eating a berry
Boosts speed in the sun
Prevents stat loss
Cancel the effects of the weather
Take on the type of the last move to hit this pokemon
Special attack boosted when any stat is lowered
Improves accuracy
Inverts stat changes
Can disable moves used against this Pokemon
Can attract Pokemon that make contact with it
Prevent use of Explosion, Self-Destruct, or Final Gambit
Boosts Dark power
Lower attack and speed after losing half health
Attack boosted when any stat is lowered
Intense wind prevents any weather
Intense sun cancels any water moves
Boosts Attack or Special Attack at the start
Makes it rain
Makes it sunny
Fire attacks or sun do more damage, but absorb water moves or rain
Wake up earlier
Can cause status effects on contact with this Pokemon
Boosts Fairy power
Reduces super effective hits on this Pokemon
Can burn on contact with this Pokemon
Boosts Special Attack when burned
Being hit by a fire moves negates the damage and boosts this Pokemon's fire moves
Powers party in sunlight
Prevent lowering any Grass ally's stats
Changes form based on weather
Determine foe's strongest moves
Decrease damage against allies
Determine what item(s) held by the the foe(s)
Doubles the Defense stat
Priority to Flying moves
Eat berries early
Lower Speed on contact with this Pokemon
Boosts Defense in Grassy Terrain
Status conditions boost Attack stat
Recover eaten berries
Can cure allies of status conditions
Reduce damage from Fire attacks
Increases weight
Chance of finding Honey
Increases the Attack stat
Increases the Attack stat but lowers accuracy
Can cure status conditions in the rain
Attack stat can't be lowered
Heal a bit in hail
More likely to encounter wild Pokemon
Look like the last Pokemon in the party
Can't be poisoned
Transform into the foe
Bypass Light Screen, Reflect, or Substitute
Can't flinch
Can't sleep
Lowers the Attack stat of foe(s)
Damages Pokemon that makes contact with this Pokemon
Boosts punching moves
Boosts Attack when this Pokemon is hit with a Dark move
Ignore accuracy loss and evasion
Can't use held item
Prevent status conditions in sunlight
Immune to ground moves, spikes, toxic spikes, or web
Weight is reduced
Attract electric moves, no damage from them, special attack boost
Can't be paralyzed
Draining moves against this Pokemon hurt instead of healing
Status moves used on this Pokemon are instead used by this Pokemon
Indirect damage is negated
Can steal items from a Pokemon that it attacks
Can't be frozen. Also, speeds up egg hatching
Steel types facing this Pokemon can't switch
If this Pokemon has a status condition, its defenses are boosted
Pulse and aura moves are boosted
If an ally has Plus, special attack is boosted on both
Negates defensive abilities of targets
Randomly boost a stat by 2 but reduce a stat by 1
Electric moves do no damage to this Pokemon but instead increase speed
After this Pokemon knocks a Pokemon out, its Attack goes up
If this Pokemon is at full health, attacks do half of their normal damage against it
Change type depending on the plate held
Pokemon making contact with this Pokemon change their current ability to this one
Switching out cures status conditions
Attacks to and from this Pokemon can't miss
All moves become Normal type
Can't be attracted
Weather and Powder moves have no effect
At low health, this Pokemon's Grass moves get a boost
Can't be confused
Attack twice instead of just once
Can find random items after battles
Normal moves become Fairy and get stronger
If an ally has Minus, both get a Special Attack boost
Poison heals this Pokemon instead of huring it
Can poison Pokemon who contact it directly
When this Pokemon uses a contact move, it can poison the target
Priority to status moves
Foe side uses HP faster
Intense rain that cancels Fire moves
Change type based on move about to use
Increase Attack stat
Status condition raises speed
Heal a bit after every turn in the rain
Speed is raised if this Pokemon is hit with a Bug, Dark, or Ghost move
Recoil and crash moves do more damage
Normal moves become Ice and do more damage
Heals HP upon switching out
Raises Attack if foe is of same gender
Recoil moves do no recoil damage to this Pokemon
Contacting this Pokemon hurts a little
Can always escape from wild battles
Strengthens Rock, Ground, and Steel moves in the Sand
Boosts speed in the sand
Brings forth a sandstorm
Boosts evasion in the sand
Grass moves raise Attack instead of doing damage or having their effects
This Pokemon's Normal and Fighting moves now hit Ghost tpes
Secondary effects have an increased chance of happening
Non-Ghost type foes can't switch out
Can cure a status condition at the end of a turn
Attacks that have a secondary effect do more damage instead of that effect
Protects from critical hits
Secondary effects of enemy attacks on this Pokemon don't happen
Stat changes are doubled
Multi-hit moves always hit the max number of times
Attack and Speed are reduced for 5 turns
Critical hits do more damage
Boosts evasion in hail
Brings forth hail
Boosts Special Attack but lowers speed in sun
Super effective hits on this Pokemon do less damage
Protects from sound moves
Speed is boosted every turn
Moves last this turn
Change form based on move
Can paralyze on contact with this Pokemon
When this Pokemon flinches, its speed goes up
Moves have a chance of flinching
Item can't be knocked off or switched
Attract Water moves and have them raise Special Attack instead of damaging
Boosts biting or fang moves
If at full health, this Pokemon can't be OHKO'd. Also, OHKO moves fail
Can't be forced to switch
More critical hits
Boosts Bug moves at low health
Prevents allies from sleeping
Boosts Speed in the rain
Pokemon passes its item to an ally
Pokemon that gives this Pokemon a status condition gets it as well
Raise evasion if confused
Weaker moves do more damage
Can't be damaged from allies
Negates defensive abilities
Weakens Fire and Ice moves agaisnt this Pokemon
Resisted hits do more damage
Boosts Water moves at low health
Boosts contact moves
Boosts Attack when poisoned
Copies foe's ability
Can't do anything every other turn
Negates defensive abilities
Ignores target's defense buffs
Speed doubles when held item is consumed
Foes can't eat berries
Allies get Accuracy boost
Can't sleep
Electric moves heal instead of doing damage
Water moves heal instead of doing damage
Can't be burned
Each physical hit boosts Speed but lowers Defense
Prevents stat reduction
Non-super-effective moves ineffective
Can protect against status ailment moves
Take on a new form at low health

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